28+ Free Gift Certificate Templates [Word]

A gift certificate template is a tool used by many business people and marketers to reach their customers and attract potential customers so that they get their services or purchase goods. A gift certificate is basically a piece of paper used as a form of payment to access goods or services. It can be used at a shop, restaurant, gas station, and even retail stores.

Furthermore, it enables the person to access the goods and services worth the same amount of money that has been mentioned on the card. It also has the certain places where the recipient can use it. In some cases, the recipient of the gift certificate also has to pay a fee to make purchases using the gift certificate.

Also, the gift certificates are important for the business people and marketers. Additionally, people like and are attracted to gifts. This indicates that the likelihood of purchases increases with gift certificates.

When to use gift certificates?

There are different situations where you use the gift certificates. These certificates are convenient and valuable. Here are some of the scenarios where you can use them;

  • To make purchases of services or goods, gift certificates are best used instead of cash. They serve as substitutes for cash. They can assist to cover any extra costs.
  • You can also use them when you want to give someone a gift for whatever occasion. It is considered as a valuable and worthy present.
  • It reduces the chances of getting someone what they already have. Hence, it increases their chances of getting what they want. This means you should instead of getting someone a present give them a gift certificate. It is a convenient way of redeeming and acquiring what they require.

Aforementioned are some of the scenarios that allow for gift certificates to be used. You should check the validity of the gift certificate as you receive it. You must confirm that the gift certificate has not expired before using it. In addition, identified all the places where you can use the gift certificate. It generally has a stipulated period that makes it valid when it has been redeemed.

What to include in a gift certificate?

Before giving the gift certificate to the certificate, you must include the following information in it;

  • It should include the logo of the company or its products or the company’s photos. For example, ABC Safari and Trips.
  • The gift certificate also has the description of the gift being awarded. For instance, a 3-night Trip for a Family of 5.
  • Provide a detailed description of the gift in the certificate such as where the trip will be and what the family of 5 will enjoy.
  • The amount or discount being given to the recipient should also be mentioned in the gift certificate.
  • The certificate must have detailed contact information about the company giving out the certificate. The contact information may include the address and phone number. Moreover, it is also important to mention the steps that should be taken if the certificate is not redeemed.
  • The gift certificate should also contain the expiration date of the certificate.
  • The code number or unique certificate number should also be mentioned in the gift certificate. This number is helpful for tracking and redeeming purposes.
  • The terms and conditions are the last pieces of information that must be included in the gift certificate. These terms and conditions help in making sure that the recipient redeems and using the gift certificate accordingly.


In conclusion, a gift certificate template is the best way to attract customers to buy your services or buy your goods. Also, these templates help you in getting the proper design and intending message to the recipient. The template also makes the process of creating a gift certificate faster and simpler.