33+ Professional Catalog Templates [MS Word]

A catalog template is a sales tool that contains a list of available products or services presented in a systematic order. This document makes it easier for the clients to understand a range of available products or services that are offered by a company or organization.

The importance of a catalog:

You should consider a catalog as your business logo. It promotes your brand’s identity and popularity among consumers. Catalogs play a vital role in the sales of a company as they are effective, easy to understand, and visually appealing.

Elements you require to make a catalog:

You require the following three elements to make a catalog;

Product catalog

Product data refers to all the descriptors that a consumer requires to know regarding a certain product in order to but it. It includes the product name, code, item number, category, price, attributes, description, and more. You can typically find this information in the below sources;

  • Your company’s database
  • XML files
  • Your official website
  • SQL files
  • Previous catalogs


You must collect the images you will use to represent each product when you compile all the product data you need. If you select the print option, these pictures will require to be high quality. Don’t download them directly from the company’s official website. This is because these images tend to be of poor quality. Also, it will affect your catalog’s appeal.

Catalog layout

Now, it’s time to insert the images and product data into your catalog. Make use of a layout that will keep the reader intrigued to the end. Furthermore, your catalog should encourage them to make a purchase. You will also hire a graphic designer to arrange your content in the most appealing manner. You may also like booklet templates.

How to make an effective catalog?

Here are some tips that you should follow to make an effective catalog;

List down the products

At first, you have to lists down the products or services you are offering. After that, you have a guide on the essential content that you require to gather for your product catalog. You should make a list of the products that you want to offer. This will also enable you to be able to do a quick scan of what your company can actually provide.

Write the product descriptions

To market your products, product catalogs are the best way. Make sure to take on a positive tone while writing product descriptions. You have to convince the readers to buy your products. So, you have to make your writing sound excited. Don’t stretch the truth and fabricate the information.

Use good images

In your catalog, the pictures are an important element. This is because they can assist you in convincing customers to purchase a product. Don’t hesitate to utilize photo editing programs to enhance your visual elements. Images quality is effective especially when you are indicating furniture, fashion products, and clothing.

Catalogs require to be engaging

Your catalog has to be understandable and comprehensible aside sounding enthusiastic and assured when describing products. You must have to exude a friendly and warm vibe that will grab customers.

Organization is fundamental

You should properly organize elements in your catalog. For this, you have to group products together into sections. By price range, you can also group and arrange your products.

Include an order form

It is an essential form to include in your catalog. This is how your customers can buy their selected products. The information like he sender’s name, their address, their purchased product, and more should be included in the form.


Hence, a catalog template is a marketing tool that provides the reader a clear idea of products or services that a company or organization offers.