17+ Free Budget Summary Templates [Excel+PDF]

A budget summary template is an effective tool used to understand the whole budgeting of your project. If you are planning for your new project or business then a budget summary gives you with the entire context of assigning resources and managing other expenses.

Sometimes tracking certain expenses over a particular period of time become a tiresome work. Hence, to avoid such issues, you should use a budget summary. It can help you in simplifying the task.

What is the budget summary?

A budget summary indicates an itemized summary of expected revenue. It also specifies expenditure of a given project, business, or company. It includes some important information that is relevant to the significant revenues and expenses of an organization.

Effects of budget summary:

According to the economist, on the overall process of your development plans, a budget summary can impact differently. Let us discuss below how budget summary can affect the development of the budgeting process;

  • A budget summary assists in ensuring that your budget stays in line with what is included in it. It makes sure proper assessment and evaluation of financial resources. Moreover, it makes you stay within your budget limit.
  • In a particular developmental process, it assists in providing a detailed overview of how an organization used the allocated resources. This also assists in identifying the effectiveness of the development process in question.
  • A budget summary determines the effects of budget usage on the management and operation of the organization.

How to create a budget summary?

You should follow the below steps in order to develop a compelling and effective budget summary;

  • You should define the objective and purpose of the budget precisely. It is important that you start the process by defining them. This will assist you in setting the rightful tone and direction. This way, you will get necessary and relevant information.
  • The activities and processes that should be included in the scope of the budget summary, you should understand them. You have to make sure that you are particular with the activities or processes included in the summary.
  • It is important to verify the scope and limitations of the budget summary. You should give an idea of the scope of your budget in order to avoid confusion with your audience. In this way, you will know how much money you will be handling.
  • Make sure you gather all the essential information that will be relevant to your project. By consulting different stakeholders like financial officers, auditors, accountants, etc you can achieve this.
  • Mention the organization’s revenues and other sources of income. Within the past periods, you can record the amount of money the company has got.
  • In the budget summary, discuss the budget reallocation that occurred within the process explained.

The benefits of making a budget summary:

  • This document helps you in paying attention on your financial goals.
  • It provides you the power to control your finances.
  • It assists you in organizing your spending habits and savings.
  • For the expected and unexpected costs, it makes you able to plan.


In conclusion, a budget summary template is a powerful tool that helps you in understanding the entire budgeting of your project. It contains all the information that is relevant to the important expenses of an organization. You can download the template online or create your own but creating your own can be a tiresome work.