27+ Free Construction Estimate Templates (Excel, Word)

A construction estimate template is a written document that includes a breakdown of the expected costs of a construction project. This is an essential document in order to make a proper budget for a given project. It makes sure a great return of investment as well as a timely evaluation of possible financial risks.

As you will use this document to make a budget for your project so, make sure that you have adequate funds to complete the project. Moreover, this protects you from any potential delays or funding problems.

An estimator in construction:

An estimator identifies the costs and prepares estimates on construction projects in the construction business. Every field like architecture, civil engineering, electrical, mechanical, and structural construction projects has its own specialized estimators for their projects.

For only one construction trade, an estimator may also specialize in cost estimation. A construction estimate template is used by estimators for various projects.

What to include in a construction estimate template?

Your document should include the following elements;

Completion time:

Construction estimate includes the time frame it would take for the project’s completion.

Licensing and Contact information:

In this section, includes the following;

  • Your complete name
  • Physical address
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

You should also include your license information so that your clients will feel more confidence and trust.

Insurance information:

During hiring contractors, most clients look for liability insurance. Therefore, you should include insurance information to cover any potential damage that may occur in the process of completing the job. Furthermore, templates also contain this section where you can enter your insurance information.

Scope of the project and the timing:

Every project has multiple steps in its completion. You should write down each step of the project, the estimated material costs, and the estimated labor costs along with blueprints for your projects.

Estimates and anticipations of project payment:

Your document must have section that pays attention to payment that is concerned with you and your client. The schedule of payments may vary on the basis of your preferences and the agreement you’ve had with your client.

Organize the list of the bid information:

You have to list down all of the costs associated with each task that requires completion in this section. There is also requirement to identify who will handle the acquisition of the needed permits and licenses.

How do you estimate the cost of building a house?

Follow the below steps while estimating the cost of building a house;

  • At first, take a start by identifying floor plans for the new home. It makes it easier to identify the style, quality, features, and size that the client wants for their home. This acts as baseline for your project.
  • You can’t get an exact amount for building a new home but you get the closest estimate possible. You just have to take the total cost of the project and then divide this amount by the total square footage of the entire project.
  • The price of a new house isn’t only identified by its size; you should also consider the quality, features, and style.
  • It is a better idea to factor in some additional expenses while making the contractor estimate template. These factors typically overlooked in the excitement of building a new home.
  • In the end, during identifying the construction cost of a new home, it is essential to prepare for any cost overruns. Keep in mind that the cost of a finished home is almost always more than the original price bid. You can start this by discussing the making of an explained construction contract.


In conclusion, an estimate construction template is an effective tool that includes a breakdown of the expected costs of a construction project. This is a helpful document that you can use to create a budget for your project.