9+ Free Bi-Weekly Budget Templates [Excel+PDF]

A bi-weekly budget template is a helpful tool that will guide you in the right direction on managing your biweekly Paycheck. Budgeting is necessary as it enables you whether you have extra cash to spend on items that you may find difficult to afford. This document is highly beneficial for an employee who receives a semi-monthly paycheck.

How to plan the bi-weekly budget?

A bi-weekly budget employee gets two paychecks every month. After receiving your first Paycheck, the first thing that comes in mind is the basic requirements that will sustain you. With this first paycheck, you can consider your rent/mortgage, utilities, and other basic needs. You can move to the second paycheck if your first paycheck didn’t fulfill your basic needs.

Moreover, the main purpose of creating a bi-weekly budget is to fulfill your basic needs. Then, you have to cover your loans. The loans that have a high-interest rate start with them. After that, if you still have cash left, save it in emergency funds. Your last option should be planning a vacation.

First bi-weekly Paycheck:

Make a Budget plan that assumes you are paid bi-weekly

At first, design a budget that depends on a biweekly payment schedule. This is important since you will be required to cater to the essential bills first.

Get ahead on bills

Go ahead on bills is your main idea. If you are able to prepay some bills then it is good as it will reduce anxiety in the coming months. Your rent, your mobile phone, and others are included in your bills. To reduce the load, consider prepaying all the utilities like foodstuff, clothing, and other basic requirements. Also, managing a bi-weekly budget is difficult. But, it will reduce your anxiety as you know your first priority needs have been handled.

Pay your high-interest bills

If you owe someone or an organization then many people are not comfortable by knowing this. You should get rid of your high-rate debit that is usually your credit card debt. By considering the annual percentage rate, you should make a list of your debts in an organized way. It will save you a fortune by paying off the bills from the one with the highest rate as you will be paying bills that carry a bigger balance. Furthermore, paying off a few low annual percentages rate and the low balance debt will make sure that get momentum and other financial benefits.

Second bi-weekly Paycheck:

After contenting with how you have managed your first Paycheck, it’s time to plan for your second Paycheck. You have to first set aside an emergency fund with this money. A vacation will be the last option. However, it is also important to break your routine and have time to strengthen family bonds. Consider the following things with your second paycheck;

Make an emergency fund

An emergency fund made for three to six months of your daily expenses tackle financial setbacks. It also includes a medical emergency or a lost job without necessarily requiring taking a new debt. From your regular savings account, you should keep these funds a pat. This will assist you in reducing the temptation of dipping into the emergency saving account.

Save for a big goal

Our goals are the things that keep us moving. If you are free of debts then you will pay attention on your goal. You can do this effectively by transferring your extra Paycheck from your checking account to your savings.

Fund much needed rewards

If you are a bi-weekly employee then remember that managing your money is not only about your dollars. Emotions play a significant part in your finances. You may surely require a vacation from your daily routine. So, you should also save money for this purpose.


In conclusion, a bi-weekly budget is a helpful tool for any semi-monthly employee. The template helps you in generating an accurate budget plan by saving you the time and effort. By creating a budget, you should be able to manage your Paycheck appropriately.