26+ Free Daily Activity Log Templates [MS Word]

A daily activity log template is a useful tool that helps you in keeping track of all the activities. In this modern era of information technology, everyone is so busy that it becomes so difficult to keep a record of all the daily activities. This is where a daily activity log template comes in handy.

What is a daily activity log?

A daily activity log is an excellent time management tool. It helps its users to keep track of activities on daily basis. It is the best way to enhance productivity. Usually, individual persons and companies use this log to keep themselves updated about the daily activities. It notes down all activities to be done in a day. Moreover, it assists a lot to manage time for several activities effectively to get things done properly as planned.

You can also prioritize the activities list to remove unproductive activities and to accomplish the most important works earlier. Whether you are managing a business or working as an employee, this activity log helps you a lot. With the help of this document, you can complete all tasks and activities in timely manner without wastage of time.

How to create a daily activity log?

Here are the steps for creating a daily activity log;

Step#1: Make a word file

It is recommended to use MS Word to create a daily activity log. It is very easy to make. You can edit it multiple times to increase the log as much as you want to. When you have made the log, you can make its print outs or use a soft copy as well. Furthermore, provide a suitable title to the log document.

Step#2: Table of contents

Make a table of contents in order to place all the information in an organized manner. It will assist you in providing a quick overview of all the tasks systematically. You should create separate rows and columns for the various segments. This will help in entering relevant information in an easy-to-follow order.

Step#3: Task and activities

To make the whole process smooth, write down all the tasks and activities sequentially. This way, you can save a lot of time as you don’t have to think about what to do next. You can also prepare well for all the tasks as you have a clear idea of the overall activities and their timings.

Step#4: Time frames

Assign appropriate time duration for each task. It will usually base on how complex or easy a task is. It is important to ensure that you have time for each task without fail. No matter, whether you are a professional or a student, a well-made activity log will surely enhance your productivity level.

Step#5: Monitoring

Making an activity log alone is not enough; you should also ensure that you stick to the schedule for each task. You should follow the activity log each day in order to enhance your work performance.


In conclusion, a daily activity log template is a time management tool that enables you to carry out all your tasks in a time-efficient manner. You can use this document for all sectors including business, academics and even for personal use as well. It is an important instrument that helps you to keep a proper tab on all your activities.