16+ Free Restaurant Receipt Templates [Excel, Word, PDF]

A restaurant receipt template is a type of receipt that restaurants give to the customers so that they can keep track of their order. The receipt contains the list of each item the customer ordered and how much it cost. With the help of receipt, the customers can see an accurate breakdown of the bill. Moreover, it indicates the following;

  • the tax
  • tip amount
  • any discounts or coupons that were included in the bill
  • the total of the order

Itemized restaurant receipt:

Am itemize restaurant receipt includes five specific details;

  • the name of the paying customer
  • the name of the restaurant
  • the date the meal was purchased
  • the items purchased and cost of each item
  • the total cost of the bill along with the tax and tip amounts

What to include on a restaurant receipt?

You should include the following details in a clear and organized manner;

Restaurant contact information:

At the top of the receipt, there should be the name of the restaurant. Also, include the contact information of the restaurant like the restaurant’s address, phone number, and possibly website. While having any questions or concerns, this provides the customer an easy way of contacting the restaurant.

Receipt number:

For the sake of convenience, each receipt comes with its number. The receipt number is helpful in case the customer has any questions about their order or if the restaurant needs to look up a past order.


By including the date on the receipt, both the customer and restaurant keep organized records regarding when sales were made.

Details of purchased items:

Your receipt should clearly list the each item purchased and the price of each item. This provides the customer an exact breakdown of what they paid for. It also assists the customer in calculating the proper tip amount.

Subtotal of the purchased items:

The subtotal includes the amount before the tax when the tip is added. This is number is kept separate from the total. This way, before other fees are applied, the customer can see the price of the food and beverage they ordered.

Sales tax:

The amount of sales tax will be included separately from the subtotal. This assists the customer in seeing how much the tax costs and how it will be added to the bill.

Tip amount:

You should mention the tip amount on the restaurant receipt. This indicates both the customer and the restaurant how much money the customer willingly added to the bill.


At the bottom of the restaurant receipt, the total amount of the bill should be included in the bold or enlarged font for clarity.

Method of payment:

It is also important to include the customer’s method of payment, whether cash, card, check, or gift card.

The significance of the restaurant receipt:

To issue accurate receipts for each order is in the best interest of the restaurant. This makes sure that paying customers have an account of what they were charged for. These receipts assist the restaurant in keeping a good record of their sales. When filing taxes, this will be advantageous for the restaurant.


In conclusion, a receipt restaurant template is an effective tool that develops a relationship of trust between the customer and the business. This document provides accurate information about their purchases. With the help of this receipt, both the customer and the restaurant keep good records of their expenses.