Template of Sales Invoice [Excel+Word] Free Download

We have discussed so many things here, including the purchase order. A sales invoice is the reverse of a purchase order basically. Keep on reading to know more about the Template of sales invoices we are offering you right here. And for free!

Template of Sales Invoice

The main objective you have after starting a new business, or a company is basically what the simple definition of business is. You start a business to offer the world products and services in exchange for profit. Now that many come in different forms and different ways, but the general idea for every business-related work is the same. Buying and selling of products. You May Like Free Rental Payment Tracker.

Buying, in business, is just as important as selling. Why? Because a company cannot only sell products and services without their constant restocking, and that is done by the production of more products. For a company to be successful, there has to be a cycle of making and selling products. That is how the company can sustain itself. To make these said products, the company has to buy supplies from other companies. That is how the business world is in a constant form of adaptability. One company could be a customer to another company, just like your normal day-to-day customers.

With that being said, this is where sales invoices templates step in. But before I tell you about the template of the sales invoice, I would like to go through the basics of what a sales invoice is. you may want this Printable Travel Itinerary Template.

What is a Sales Invoice?

A sales invoice, bill, or just invoice, is a record or document that a company uses to inform their buyer of the finances that particular buyer owes them for their goods or services they have offered. It is a very important record keeper that offers legal protection to both the seller and the buyer.

A Template of sales invoices should have the appropriate information so that when required, it fulfills its purpose. It is supposed to have the following data:

  1. The supplier company’s information, it includes the address, the contact information, and obviously the name.
  2. The buyer company/ customer’s information includes pretty much the same information stated above.
  3. Date the invoice was issued
  4. A unique invoice serial number
  5. The transactional details
  6. The amount of money that is due
  7. The payment details
  8. And the terms and agreements
  9. And the date the items were delivered.

By now you probably know why sales invoices are so important. But let me give you a basic precis.

It is basically a written evidence record you can use in the future if necessary. It helps a business keep a system so that they can prevent any loss of profit.

So many people also confuse a sales invoice with a receipt, it is not. A receipt is basically something that is issued after the obligatory payments have been done, a sales invoice in before the money has been transacted.

What this Sales Invoice Template Offers

Here we offer you a sales invoice template on Microsoft excel, it has everything stated above so you would not need to make one for yourself. It is also very minimalistic and easy to use.