11+ Printable Reserved Sign Templates [Word, PDF]

A reserved sign template is a tool states that the area, seat or table is reserved for someone. It is used in restaurant tables, seating, room, and parking. A reserved sign is an efficient way to avoid an unrelated person entering the area that is not available for everyone.

Moreover, the reserved sign should be crafted clearly so that it indicates the reserved area effectively. It reduces the chances of mess that may create when two people apply for the same table or room in the restaurant. An individual use it for weddings, restaurants, and seating to organize all the stuff.

We usually see seen reserved sign in wedding ceremony or parking areas and many other places that indicates this place is occupied by someone and no one allowed to have this area, table or seat.

Uses of reserved sign:

The reserved sign is required at various places to avoid any issue that may occur due to the poor reservation system. Let us discuss below some uses of reserved sign;

In restaurants:

It is used in restaurants when someone reserves a table or room. The reserved sign shows that the room or table is already booked by a customer. It also assists in avoiding reservation management problems. This sign also prohibits the allocation of a table or room for two people. By having a table or room reserved sign templates, the restaurant manager can make this work more manageable.

In the wedding ceremony:

In the wedding ceremony manager’s to-do-list, seating is one of the essential tasks. It is the responsibility of the event manager to decide who sits where at this wedding ceremony. In the wedding ceremony, the reserved sign with the name placed on the chair shows that the chair is reserved.

In seminars:

The reserved sign on chairs with the name is the best way in seminars to honor the special guest. On the door of the seminar’s room, the reserved sign is placed that shows the room’s reservation for the workshop. In the seminar room, it is also used on chairs.

In parking areas:

The signs in the parking areas usually indicate the reservation of this parking area. A parking area is reserved for the customer of a shopping mall, college students, and more.

Different types of reserved signs:

Here are some different types of reserved signs;

1. Individual reserved sign:

Family members in wedding ceremonies, special guests in seminars, members of a meeting, and others, individual reserved sign are used for them. It includes the name of the person for which a certain chair is reserved.

2. Group reserved sign:

Group reserved sign is used in wedding ceremonies and events. When you don’t know the exact number of seats, this sign is used that need to be reserved for a family.

3. Chalkboard reserved sign:

This sign can be used again and again. After using it for a wedding ceremony, you can again use it for a seminar or party. For an event, it is a cheaper way to design a valid reserved sign.

4. Paper sheet reserved sign:

This type of reserved sign can be printable or handmade. If you use a printable and well-designed paper sheet reserved sign then it looks more professional. You can also use it for individual reservations or group reservations.

5. Double-sided reserved sign:

Double-sided reserved sign templates enable you to make modifications that are suitable for you. They are best for a restaurant table reservation and dinner parties.

6.Wooden reserved sign:

They are created by the experts. They are used to decor wedding ceremonies, restaurants, and parties to display the reservation.


In conclusion, a reserved sign template is an effective tool used to manage reservation system of a restaurant, manage the seat of events, and indicate the parking areas and other. Additionally, your reserved sign should be clear and well-designed.