38+ Free Certificate Of Achievement Templates [Word]

Issuing a certificate of achievement template is the best way to motivate someone for outstandingly accomplished a given task. It is an effective way to appreciate and encourage someone. The certificate is usually given to the employee or student or any organization for his great achievement. Moreover, a certificate of achievement is also known as an “award certificate.”

The certificate acts as proof of someone’s accomplishments. It is used for recognition of progress given out by the different institutes. These institutes include companies, organizations, schools, etc.

How to write a certificate of achievement?

Here are the steps that will help you in making your certificate of achievement in an organized manner;

Title of the certificate

At the top of the certificate, place the title of the certificate by using a bigger font than the rest of the certificate font. The title should be aligned at the center. You can use any formatting for it. You can also use different colors on the basis of how you want to present it. For the title, you can use words like a certificate of achievement, the achievement of certificate and award certificate that you want to use.

Include the designation line

After the title of the certificate, there comes a designation line. It states whom you awarded to. You can write this line in different ways. The font size should be smaller here as compared to the title. This line is also known as presentation line.

Name of the receiver

Then, indicate the name of the person who receives this certificate. You should write 2 or 3 lines regarding his/her achievements. Here, the font size should be bigger as compared to designation line but smaller than the title.

Name of the giver

After the name of the receiver, place the name of the giver.

Description of the achievement

Include the paragraph here that describes the victory. Elaborate the situation in which he/she accomplished his/her task. In addition, the size of the text should be bigger than the designation line text. You should also ensure that the alignment of the book should be centered.

Date and signature

In the end, enter the date that when the certificate has been awarded. The authorities should affix their signatures to make the certificate official.

Different types of Certificate of Achievements:

Some different types of certificate of achievements are;

  • Certificate of achievement in college
  • Certificate of achievement in office
  • Certificate of achievement in army
  • Certificate of achievement in sports
  • Certificate of achievement in company or organization

The benefits of awarding certificate of achievement:

There are various benefits of certificate of achievement. Some of them are as follow;

  • Awarding the certificate is an effective way to appreciate and encourage people. It enables the employees or students to work hard.
  • It enhances the self-confidence of the receipt that assists them to work hard in more efficient way.
  • The certificate also works as proof of your achievement. In simple words, it is an evidence of your achievement.


In conclusion, a certificate of achievement template is an effective tool that appreciates someone for outstandingly accomplished a given task. It is an evidence of what you’ve learned and what you’ve achieved. You can create attractive, creative, and professional certificates of achievement by using templates.