39+ Printable Certificate Of Compliance Templates (Word, PDF)

A certificate of compliance template is a type of certificate issued by a regulatory authority of a government. This certificate acts as proof that the supplying products or services are according to the instructions. It is also known as a certificate of conformity and certificate of conformance.

Furthermore, without a certificate of compliance, a property can’t exist. It should be drafted well and has all essential details.

Why do you require a certificate of compliance?

A company isn’t legible for supplying products or services unless it received a certificate from a competent authority. It serves as evidence that all the things are prepared according to specified standards. It is also required in trade in order to verify that the export or import things fulfill all the defined rules and regulations.

In addition, custom authorities also require it to make sure that the supplied goods are according to their standard. The certificate also assists you in building a great relationship with your customer. When a customer knows that you receive a certificate of compliance, you gain the trust and loyalty of the customer.

A certificate of compliance is a helpful document in order to avoid any legal issues which reduce or manage risk. It is also beneficial to secure the future of your business.

What to include in a certificate of compliance template?

Here are the important elements that you should include in a certificate of compliance;

Manufacturer’s information

The certificate should include the manufacturer’s company name, address, phone number and other.

Information of the certificate issuing authority

It is also important to provide the name and address of the competent authority. You can also include the name and additional information of the officer who is responsible for the process.

Certificate number

Each certificate has unique certificate number. The certificate number is then used to access the record.

Issue date

Write the date when the authority issued the certificate.

Regulation details

The set of rules and regulations that products or services are given by the applicant has passed.

Details about the products

Here, you have to include the;

  • type of product
  • model number
  • date of manufacturing
  • other essential information


At the end of the certificate, affix the signature of the officer who issued this certificate. It is important to make the certificate legal and lawful.

How to obtain a certificate of compliance?

The certificate is released for various purposes like manufacturing, plumbing, building work, food materials, and more. You should use a certificate of compliance template to make the certificate efficiently. This certificate is essential for the continuation of your business. It helps you in taking your business to the height of success. Follow the below steps to obtain a certificate of compliance;

  • In the competent authority, submit a request form for certificate of compliance. You should ensure that all the details provided in this certificate should be valid and error-free.
  • After that, competent authority investigates your product or service to make sure that all the things are according to rules or not. They can ask you to submit the sample of products. Also, they inspect your product at the place where it is prepared.
  • In case, the competent authority delays in sending a compliance certificate, you can write a letter of request to them.
  • When they accept your request then collect your certificate from their office.

Keep in mind that authorities only issue a compliance certificate when your product is manufactured according to the rules, regulations, and standards. The validation period of the certificate may vary from place to place. However, it may be generally valid for 1-2 years. When it expires, you have to again submit another request to issue a certificate.


In conclusion, a certificate of compliance template is a legal and important document to continue your business. It assists you in taking your business to the height of success. It is helpful document to gain the customer’s trust to supply quality products.