34+ Free Landlord Statement Form Templates [Word+PDF]

A property owner needs a landlord statement form to enhance the chances of getting funds that helps them in improving their apartments or rental property. The landlord statement is required by the government and private entities before they offer you the funds.

What is a landlord statement?

A landlord statement is required by the entities when a landlord seeks financial assistance or general assistance. The landlords have to fill out a landlord statement form that provides details regarding their property and themselves. It assists the entities in understanding the reason behind the application. It tracks the usage of their funds.

How to write a landlord statement?

You can fill out a landlord statement form either through the internet or in written form. Let us discuss below to fill it through each of them;

Fill out a landlord statement via the internet

  • Start the blank by clicking the fill and sign online.
  • Then, by the editor’s advanced tools, go to the editable PDF template.
  • Then, you have to provide your official contact details and identification information.
  • You should apply a check mark in every choice made.
  • At all the fields meant for filling, take a second look and make sure you wrote precise information.
  • By using the sign tool that allows you to add and create an electronic signature, certify the landlord statement.
  • Click on done after filling the form.
  • After that, you are free to print the form. Also, save it and share it via online means.

Writing a landlord statement

It is not suggested to write a landlord statement by yourself. Only write it when you need to include extra information. Here are the steps to follow;

  • Specify a title that indicate it is a landlord statement.
  • Select a format that shows your work clearly and is easy to interpret.
  • Start by adding details of the name of the leaser.
  • Mention the contact details including the telephone number, address, postal code, and city of residence.
  • You must also write the tenant’s name.
  • Write the first day of their tenancy that indicate the time they moved in.
  • The tenancy address and telephone number should be included.
  • After that, write the current location.
  • Make sure you give details of their monthly payments.
  • Also, specify the details regarding location of the property.
  • Specify the exact date that you wrote the statement.
  • Before signing, give the property signature stamp.

What to disclose in a landlord statement?

There are three main categories that assist you in creating the statement detailed for clarification;

Sorted by income

In three sections in order of dates, you break down your subtotals and transactions. You should start by including the income earned from the property. Next, mention your monthly or annual expenses and within the period of application, the payments made. You should also specify an opening balance or balance that is carried forward relevant to the situation. Make sure to complete the sections without page breaks. You should also check proof of residency letter templates.

Sorted by property

If you have many properties, then for each of them, break the statement down to distinct sections. In order of states with a subtotal at the very end, arrange the transactions. Start with an opening balance. Next, complete with a balanced carried forward. In addition to this, you also have to make sure to complete the sections without page breaks.

Arrears statement

The landlords sort their statements by income that have owning one property. When having areas for any property, under the property’s transactions, make sure to list them. Before concluding the statement, add summarized total arrears for the landlord’s portfolio.


In conclusion, the landlord have to fill out a landlord statement form and send it to an entity seeking financial or general assistance. This document contains information regarding the landlords and their property.