28+ Letter of Request for Donation Template [Word] Free Download

We offer you here a number of free letter of request for donation templates. Running a non-profit organization is probably tougher than running any other type of organization, considering how their main source of income is the flow of donations they may or may not get. So what do these non-profit and charity organizations do? Because if we look at the statistics, so many of them are very successful. How do they achieve it when they are literally non-profit organizations?

They use donation requests letters to ask for donations and charity. We have here a letter of request for a donation template that you can use, or modify.

If you are running a newly formed, small, charity organization, you are probably looking for ways that could help you request donations from your associated organizations or individuals that have helped you before. You have come to the right place, in addition to the letter of request for donation templates we are offering you here, we will also guide you through the process of writing a donation request letter. But before we come to all of that, let us go to the basics. You may also like Thank You Letter Samples For Donation.

What is a Letter of Request for Donation?

A letter of request for a donation, donation request letter, or donation appeal letter is basically a note that a non-profit, charity organization writes to an associated business, or organization, or maybe even an individual to persuade them into donating to the former.

If you are an old non-profit organization, chances are you have written a letter of request for donations many times before. Donation request letters should be kept fairly brief and straight to the point, but very polite and with grateful undertones.

A very important thing to note while writing a letter of request for a donation is, that the more persuasive approach you use, the more likely it is going to be for you to get a donation.

Writing a donation letter can be slightly tricky, but if you follow the following instructions, you can master the art of writing one.

What should you write in a Letter of Request for Donation?

Although a little tricky, writing a donation request letter is not impossible, in fact, if you get the hang of it, it is a piece of cake.

To help you a bit more in getting an incentive, we have a few letters of request for donation templates here for you. You can use them as examples when you write your own donation request letters in the future.

Now back to the process of writing a good donation request letter, in order to write the most effective letter, your writing should have the following elements:

  1. Be personal: Now this is definitely not an encouragement to be rude, and informal. It is just a way to really make the reader feel special and acknowledged. You can do this by mentioning their name.
  2. Be honest in telling your story: in doing so, you will not only implement the above step, but you will also be able to inform the reader of your organization’s outlook.
  3. Clearly state the problem.
  4. Explain the donor’s impact on the problem.
  5. Give your contact information and details.

Not as hard as we initially thought is it? The best part about all of this is, the letter of request for donation template we are offering you here has enough space and precursor writing to help you write a perfect letter of request for a donation. And it is completely free!