Free Gift Letter Templates & Examples [Word]

Gift letter templates may be used in various ways depending on the kind of gift given. It can act as a thank-you letter for the gift that has been received during an occasion. You can also use this letter to state information about a gift donation. In addition, it can contain items related to documentation of mortgage gifts. A gift letter can be given by a friend, family member, organization, or public entity.

Above all, it is a written document state that money received is a gift. The funds can be given by a friend or relative that helps the recipient make a down payment for a new home or real estate property. You may also like Punch Card Template.

Important elements of a gift letter template:

A typical gift letter should contain the following important elements;

  • The giver’s names, address, and contact details.
  • The giver’s relationship with the recipient.
  • The amount of the gift that is transferred to the recipient.
  • Address of the property that the recipient can buy with the gift.
  • A clear statement that verifies gift isn’t a loan.

Different types of gift letter templates:

There are various types of gift letters a few of them discussed below;

Money gift letter:

A money gift letter indicates that you have gifted someone with cash. It’s up to the recipient to use this money for whatever purpose.

Gift letter for a mortgage:

During purchasing a property, the mortgage company requires a down payment to provide you money. For this purpose, you have to send a signed gift letter to your lender to complete your down payment.

Gift letter for car:

With the help of a gift letter, you can change the ownership of a vehicle.

Gift letter for land:

This document is also known as a deed of gift which states the voluntary transfer of property from a donor to a recipient without any compensation or consideration.

FHA gift letters:

These gift letters enable the buyers to receive down payment funds as a gift under the FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loan program. The giver of this letter can be a friend, family member, approved charity, or nonprofit agency.

Requirements for using a gift letter:

If a family wants to buy a new house and they don’t have the required down payment then they can request a gift letter as a down payment from family members. From a gift, you can obtain the amount you need. However, if you have a wealthy and generous donor who can easily provide you financial assistance no matter what you always have options. Bear in mind that gifting money has a lot of requirements;

  • If you don’t have enough funds for a down payment then you can ask for it.
  • You can obtain a gift from a qualified giver i.e. a domestic partner or a family member.
  • If you want to take different kinds of loans, you can use this option. You should also check the Church Program Template.


In conclusion, gift letter templates are well-made and fillable documents that apply all the set rules. Also, these letters should be written in a specific language to be considered valid.