14+ Free Thank You Note After Leaving a Job Samples [MS Word]

A thank you note after leaving a job is a formal letter written by an employee to his or her former employer or manager. The employee express appreciation to the employer for support and accommodation throughout the employment period.

The thank you note is usually sent after resignation. After leaving a company, sending a thank-you note will primarily serve two purposes. It is generally written to express gratitude for the time you have worked for the person. You should always appreciate your employers and managers for their support, leadership/guidance, and a worthwhile experience. Hence, a thank-you note assists them in knowing that their former employee values them.

On the employer, a thank-you note leaves a lasting positive impression. It helps in growing an employee’s professional network. By having such appreciation, the manager or employer would be more delighted to honor your request in case you need a recommendation or a referral in the future. Moreover, you should always leave a company on a positive note. This is because there is always a probability you might require them in the future.

How to write a thank you note after leaving a job?

Here are some essential pointers that you should consider while drafting a thank-you note;

Include the date and contact information

At first, at the top of the page, the note should have the sender’s details written. You as the employee and being the sender should supply your full name. Then, provide your mailing address. Include the contact information like a phone number or an email address. After that, the thank you note has to be dated.

Skip one line and insert the date when the note was written. The date should indicate the day, month, and year. It is also essential to include employer’s information such as their name, job title, company name, and mailing address. You should also check Thank you Letter Samples for Donations.

Add a salutation

The thank-you note should have a formal salutation. This formal salutation addresses the employer being thanked by name. In a formal or semi-formal situations, a salutation is a courteous way of opening a farewell note.

Mention your last day at the company

In the opening paragraph of your thank-you note, you should briefly state why you are leaving the company. Then, followed by information on the last official day of employment.

Express your gratitude

In this section, you have to explain the main purpose of the note and it is to indicate the appreciation you have towards your former employer or manager. You can address the general experience together. Additionally, specify specific events for which you would like to thank your former boss. It is suggested that you as the employee mention skills learned, the guidance offered, and the employer’s qualities both personal and professional that are worth mentioning.

Give good wishes

You also have to wish the employer well going forward. This is to indicate that there are no unresolved disputes among you and your employer.

Add complimentary close and name

In the end, close the thank-you note with a complimentary clause. Write the sender’s name and complementary clauses like “yours truly” or “yours sincerely.” After completing your thank-you note, proofread it thoroughly.


In conclusion, a thank-you note after leaving a job should be written by the employee after leaving a job to express his or her gratitude to the former employer for guidance and support during your employment period. This thank-you note creates a lasting positive impression on the employer. It reflects your professionalism regarding its structure and formatting.