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SWOT Analysis Strategy Template on Microsoft Excel

The first time I heard about SWOT Analysis Strategy , I found it really interesting and cool, which it clearly is. It gives us this information about a certain person, company, or business without having to invade their privacy.

This particular method is not only used in personal life, but it’s very well established in the official and business scene due to its amazing comprehensive analysis of a required attribute aspect, a trait, a branch, or maybe even a whole company.

To make a sound strategy, SWOT Analysis Strategy Template is the perfect tool you can use. And this is exactly why we made this simple yet practical strategic template for you.

What SWOT Analysis stands for and why it is so beneficial

The four components of SWOT are:

Internal Factors

Strengths- The aspects in which an organization excel at are its strength. These aspects, or talents, are what make this certain organization stand out from its competitors. These talents are unique and are only associated with that organization.

SWOT Analysis Word Template


Weaknesses- The areas in which that particular organization’s performance falls short, which have a direct impact on it are the weaknesses.

External Factors

Opportunities- The favorable environment an organization gets. Opportunities are completely external; an organization has no control over them. These favorable factors give that organization an advantage over its competition.

Threats-These are the external factors that have a potentially detrimental impact on an organization if not dealt with properly. They could potentially harm that organization to an extent.

If done properly, SWOT analysis can lay down an organization’s core strengths and weaknesses, even mentally prepare that organization’s employees to face the possible threats, and readily accept the opportunities presented to them which otherwise would not be highlighted. It captures the characteristics one is unaware of.

What This Spreadsheet Template offers

Now coming to this particular template, we created it specifically for organizations that are focusing on fool proofing their strategies. This template focuses on the internal factors, but it gives more elaborate space to the external factors and the effects these internal factors have on the organization.

 SWOT Analysis Strategy Template

This template may be used for personal evaluation, but it is much more suited in an official space, as it focuses on strategy as retaliation to the external factors more than it focuses on strengths and weaknesses.

Despite being very close in design to the traditional spreadsheet, this spreadsheet does not have the original square shape with 4 boxes. Instead it has a section devoted to “Internal Factors” which include “Strengths” and “Weaknesses”, and a section devoted to the “External Factors”, which does not only have “Opportunities” and “Threats” but a large space for an elaborate strategic planning. So if you want to emphasize a certain action, and evaluate a certain process on the basis on the external factors you have. This template is the perfect one for you. In addition to that, its minimalistic design allows its customization in accordance with your likes and dislikes. And the best part is,

it is completely free. So download SWOT Analysis Strategy Template for yourself right now!

Download SWOT Analysis Strategy Template

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