Free Value Chain Analysis Template (Excel, Word, PDF)

Are you finding a value chain analysis template? Value chain analysis is another technique used by companies to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Before I go into detail about the analysis, I’ll explain what the value chain is. It sure sounds very fancy and pretty hard to understand, but let me assure you- it is not.

So basically what a value chain is, is a set of activities carried out by a company in order to produce a good product. It is a process that involves several steps, from the idea execution, for the production of certain goods.

Value Chain Analysis is essentially just that but much more strategically planned. There are some companies that stand out when it comes to their mass production of goods and the ideas associated with their latest product. That is possible because they take value chain analysis very seriously.

What is Value Chain Analysis?

Value chain analysis and competitive advantage go side by side; value chain analysis is basically strategical planning which lets a company create a competitive advantage for itself against other rival companies. The more efficiently a company is run, the more profit it garners.

What is a competitive advantage?

Competitive advantage is basically the upper hand one company has over its competitive rivals. This includes the skills and strengths your company has that make you stand out amongst your peers. You will find Value Chain Analysis Template Examples.

Value Chain Analysis Templates Step-by-Step

The following are the general steps to do an efficient value chain analysis.

Step 1: Step on is pretty simple, all you have to do is determine the activities you and your teammates are going to undertake for the sake of making a new product to satisfy your customers. This may include marketing, producing, serving, etc. This is how you will analyze your customers’ needs and work in accordance with that.

Step 2: In every analysis, weighing down your criteria is one of the most important things to do, if not the most important. That Is exactly what the second step holds, you assign values to the activities you have listed down. How do you do that? You do that by prioritizing your customers’ needs and opinions and weighing them down.

Step 3: By the time you are done assigning values to your activities, you will have plenty of opportunities to put them into action and that is exactly what the third step is all about. You will deliver the ideas you have generated to your customers. You start by choosing easy, cheap jobs, and then you slowly advance towards the higher levels. You may also Like Waterfall Chart Templates.

What Value Chain Analysis Template for Offers

You now know why value chain analysis is important for a company in light of its competition.

This particular Value Chain Analysis Template on Microsoft Excel is simple, easy to use, and very handy. It gives you everything you would usually require in a value chain analysis template, in addition to the option of personalizing it accordingly. It gives you enough space for all three analysis steps and also allows you to have the tubular form of it. And it is absolutely free!

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