9+ Free Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates [Excel+Word+PDF]

A customer satisfaction survey template is a questionnaire used to review the clients satisfaction with a business’s products/services and customer service. It is basically designed by the members of a company. This survey is given to the customers via emails or paper surveys after their interaction with the business.

It is an important document that assists the companies and organizations to understand the level of satisfaction of the customers. With the help of customer satisfaction survey, the organization can restructure the operations to meet the customer’s demands. It also helps them to improve the products and services.

Types of customer satisfaction survey:

With the help of different customer satisfaction survey templates, various types of surveys can be conducted. Below are the main types of customer satisfaction surveys that are conducted by companies or organizations;

Customer satisfaction score

The survey is usually known as direct answer. It saves the customer’s time and hence enhances the probability of getting more responses. It has the direct questions that contain the option of yes and no with them. In this type of satisfaction survey, the clients don’t have to explain their views. They just have to select the option that best fits their thoughts.

Net promoter score

Net promoter score pays attention on establishing the probability of the customer. It allows the customers to recommend the product or service to another person. The score is assigned on a rating between 0-10. The score between 0-5 indicates that the customer is not likely to recommend the service. On the other hand, the score between ranges 6-10 shows that the client is likely to recommend the product or service.

Customer effort score

A customer effort score survey method pays attention on identifying the effort a customer puts to get a product or service from an organization. According to their experience, the customer then selects one of the options on the customer satisfaction survey template. This assists the organization in formulating better practices to improve on the customers’ experience.

Milestone surveys

This survey is sent to the customers to follow up on their satisfaction progress. To increase customer satisfaction, it helps in the continued remodeling of products or services.

Tips for creating customer satisfaction survey:

Here are the steps that you should follow while creating a customer satisfaction survey;

The right survey tool

A business should make sure the selection of the right survey tool. Survey tools may involve emails, SMS, telephone calls, or even paper forms.

Relevant survey questions

In surveys, ask relevant questions to enhance the effective feedback. The questions should pay attention on the product or services the business is offering.

Keep it short

Your survey questions must be short in order to make sure that the respondents easily understand them. It also saves their time. For the analysis process, the short surveys are also convenient.

Consistent rating scales

In customer satisfaction surveys, make sure that all rating scales for the questions are consistent. This avoids confusion for respondents and to ease the analysis process.

Remain specific

Provide specific options in multiple-choice questions. Also, to avoid ambiguity, you should request for clarifications.

Send on the right time

The customer satisfaction survey should send immediately after the customers use the services and products. This ensures that they provide an accurate review.

Go for the A/B test

The A/B test means that the business creates two surveys in making changes either in wording, numbering of questions, or the color to check the effectiveness of the survey.

Offer respondents a bonus

You can enhance the chances of more responses by offering customer satisfaction survey respondents a bonus.

Be thankful

In the end, thanks the customer for their feedback. This indicates the value for clients and helps in gaining future responses.


In conclusion, a customer satisfaction survey template is a great way for the companies or organizations to understand the level of satisfaction of the customers. With the help of the survey, the companies can identify to understand the level of satisfaction of the customers that can be implemented to increase sales.