Free Waterfall Chart Templates Excel

Waterfall Chart Templates are very useful tools to go by; you can use them in your personal life. Data analysis templates are exactly what you need for a strategic, planned, execution for a certain idea or plan. There are different types of these templates of course, but the most common and easy to use is the Waterfall Chart Template.

What a Waterfall Chart Template is and where it is used

A waterfall chart template is, simply put, another way of data visualization, it is also called the bridge. Waterfall charts basically list down all the positive and negative values for a certain entry; it also shows the initial and final values of that entry.

Though it can be used for your personal life, it is much more common in official and business use. It is another form of a data analysis tool and can be used for a number of things, like analysis of a company’s profit, sales, market, etc. anything really. It is a really useful tool to get a quick calculated overview of something.

What a waterfall chart really shows is the change in certain analyses. It shows the change as a comparison to a certain point through time, also gradually thought out. It gets you to an endpoint and also gives you a step-by-step visualization of how you got there. As stated above, it gives you the initial and final points, also lists down all the negative and positive points.

And the best part about a waterfall chart is how simple it is to use, even the most complex of information can be turned into such a simple, easy, calculated plan.

A waterfall chart template can be used anywhere some simple examination is required. It may be used in your personal life or your official life or maybe in a company, or for project management. The following are instances where a waterfall chart is useful.

  1. Evaluation of profit
  2. Analyzing sales
  3. Keeping track of Resources
  4. Comparing product earnings
  5. Formulating budget
  6. Evaluating loss
  7. Comparing peers
  8. Documentation

And these are just some examples of where it can be used. It can be used almost anywhere where evaluating and analyzing are involved.

What This Templates for a Waterfall Chart Offers

The best thing about a waterfall chart is how simple yet impactful it is, this exactly why they have gotten more popular over the years. The simplicity of it allows a waterfall chart to be easily customized, you can change their appearance accordingly, you can change their level of complexity, you can add or remove whatever you want, and you can also use it for whatever type of analysis you want. Be it quantitative, qualitative, financial, anything.

This particular Waterfall chart template on Microsoft excel is you regular waterfall chart, designed in a way that it is easily able to do everything mentioned above. There is no need to create your own chart when you can find one this convenient and completely free! You may also like Decision Matrix Template.

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