Free Stakeholder Analysis Template [Excel, Word]

The stakeholder analysis template can be download from quick links. Before we go to the main subject, I will be describing the word “Stakeholder” to you.

A business or cooperation is not simply a bunch of people working together to make a certain product for the satisfaction of a certain type of customer. Yes, if you ask me for an unofficial definition of business, this is what I would go with, but it is so much more than that. And the word “Stakeholder” is just another one of its numerous levels.

A “Stakeholder”, “Shareholder”, or a “Stockholder”, is a person, a group, or an organization that has an interest in a particular business. These stakeholders can affect the business, or be affected by it. They are really just the people who invest in a company, hence why they are affected by its success or loss.

What is Stakeholder Analysis Template?

So basically, you now know the importance stakeholders have in a company, or a certain project, right? Simply put, they’re very important. A stakeholder analysis is basically a technique in which you identify and categorize your company’s stakeholders for a certain project. You categorize them on the basis of their interests, participation, etc.

To conduct a stakeholder analysis you need to make sure you follow the following steps.

Step 1: The first step is usually the easiest. You start by listing down all the potential stakeholders involved in your company, or its project.

Step 2: After you are done listing them down, you then prioritize your list of stakeholders. The scale could be whatever you want, but for the sake of it, you could give it a scale of 0-5. 0 being the lowest priority, and 5 being highly prioritized ones.

Step 3: After you are done prioritizing them accordingly, you then determine the way you will approach your stakeholders. You will approach them on the basis of their influence and importance as stated in step 2. You will think strategically and list down all the possible ways you could gain your stakeholders’ support.

Why Stakeholder Analysis is Important

A stakeholder analysis template is very effective when it comes to keeping all of your company’s stakeholders’ needs in mind while making a decision, or working on a new project.

stakeholder analysis in project management can also help you identify the possible weaknesses that could ruin a project. And can help you reduce the negative impact in accordance with the disruption the project shows. It can also give you a planned analysis of your stakeholders’ interest influence. And give you a possible idea of how to deal with them. You may like Swot Competitor Template.

What This Microsoft Excel Template offers

This Stakeholder Analysis was designed while keeping project managers in mind. It is designed in a simple, minimalistic way and can be customized easily according to the customers’ interests. It is a simple spreadsheet that has space for the stakeholder’s name, title, and additional information. The template can easily be edited if more space is needed. It is easy to use, very handy, and best of all, absolutely free!