Printable Vehicle LogBook Template (Word, Excel, PDF)

What is the Vehicle Logbook Template?

The Vehicle logbook template (Word, Excel, PDF) is a document used by DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority) to keep a nationwide record of every vehicle and its registered driver. It acts as evidence of ownership. Keeping a copy of the vehicle logbook with you all the time will be helpful.

A properly updated Vehicle logbook will be helpful for you at that time when you want to sell out an old vehicle to buy a new one. The Vehicle logbook should be filled by both vendor and purchaser when the vehicle is switching hands. Then the updated logbook is sent to DVLA for processing before forwarded to the new owner finalized the registration details.

Why choose Vehicle Logbook Template?

The vehicle log book template enables its users to record several vehicle-related information such as maintenance records, repairing expenses, fuel consumption, buying or selling records, and much more. A businessman and a professional person can provide the business-use percentage of each and every vehicle expense without searching repairing receipts and maintenance records with the help of a vehicle logbook.

A car that is under the use of a company, its owner must keep a logbook so he can calculate the accurate percentage that he will get in the form of an income tax rebate.

How Vehicle Logbook Method Works

The vehicle logbook method includes the record of both private and business trips for a 12-week interval. Then your logbook is used to calculate the business-use percentage of your vehicle. It is the percentage of kilometers that you travel in your car for business-related missions.

Keeping a logbook enables you to calculate the business-use percentage easily. You can easily provide evidence as required by the taxation office.

It is necessary to keep the record of every trip that you make in your car for 12 weeks; otherwise, if you don’t do this then the taxation office will consider your logbook invalid and reject your car expenses claim. You should also check the value chain analysis template.

Sheets included by Template

The template contains the following sheets;

  1. Logbook: This sheet is used to assemble a vehicle logbook for the numbers of vehicles. The vehicle registration number and purchaser code selections are found on the contents of the vehicles and purchaser sheets. A whole journey distance is calculated and based on the opening & closing speedometer readings.
  2. Clients: This sheet includes client codes, client names, and standard travel distances for all clients. This sheet calculates the amounts that are charged by clients based on any user-defined data range and vehicle selection.
  3. Vehicles: This sheet is used to add vehicle registration numbers and vehicle descriptions for all vehicles. It calculates the business and private mileage of every vehicle based on user-defined data range and vehicle selection. It also contains total mileage on a monthly basis, business travel percentage, and numbers of the last three months’ business trips.
  4. Form: This sheet is used to supply printed forms to all the drivers to keep the record of all business and private trips. All the record mentioned in these forms is entered in the logbook sheet to assemble a comprehensive logbook for each vehicle.

Basically, the vehicle logbook template is a vital piece of tax substantiation for the people who use their car for work.