Free Soccer Stats Tracker Template [Excel, Word, PDF]

Soccer Stats Tracker template, I’m sure you’re all familiar with the annual hype around football, you might not be a fan of football yourself, but you have to admit, the game itself is very popular and most of the people around you during football season go absolutely insane over it. And why wouldn’t they? From the friendly competitive spirit to the adrenaline pump when your favorite player scores, it has proved to be the most generous game of all time.

The Beauty that is Football

Soccer, football, association football, are all different names for the same team game. The game is played with two teams of eleven players each; one of the players is a goalkeeper. The game is generally played with the body, not including the arms and hands; only the goalkeeper is allowed to handle the ball. The game is all about how the spherical ball reaches from the goalkeeper to the other players, and from the other players, how it reaches the goal. The team that scores more goals wins. The opposing team tries to stops the other team from doing exactly that; not letting the other team score a goal by protecting their goalposts. In addition to that, they try to make their own goals.

What’s so beautiful about this game is that it is not about one individual player, it’s a team game and that is exactly why it demands teamwork and unity, which have always been lessons for the common man. This is one of the reasons football garners such a large amount of following, that in addition to the fact that its rules are very simple and easy to get a grasp of. From professional matches to your local amateur matches in the park across the street, this game is played and followed almost everywhere. There are more than 200 million players, and more than a billion fans this game has bought in.

Whether you’re a fan, a coach, or a team owner, you can easily keep track of your favorite soccer team through this Soccer Stats template.

It is an all-in-one Soccer Team stats tracker that includes everything essential to keep up with the performance of your favorite team in a football tournament. It is equipped with individual and group performance summary worksheets, with a general overview and a much in-depth analysis of a play, both individually and team-wise. There is also a match log that has space for everything important that you need to assess the game.

How to Set the Soccer Team Stats Tracker?

Since the app for soccer stats is a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, you can easily utilize all the free spaces given.

Simply start by entering the name of the team you are analyzing. Add the name of the opposing team after that in the particular space given for it. Add the name of the Tournament, the venue, etc. it is also recommended that you change the filename according to your liking. Then you add the individual statistic name and the team statistic name. Then assign the individual statistic codes to a specified color.

If you have done the above correctly your worksheet will be mapped out accordingly and then you can personalize it on your own preference.

This Soccer Stats tracker app is absolutely free and is the most advanced spreadsheet on the internet, hundreds of visitors have downloaded it with positive feedback. so what are you waiting for? it is very simple to download on your desktop computer/Pc.