25+ Free Career Change Cover Letter Templates [Word]

Writing a career change cover letter can be quite confusing for someone doing it for the first time, so to make it easier, we have this career change cover letter samples for you.

One of the most prominent characteristics of human nature is the curiosity to learn different things. That allows our mind to remain active and involved in different features of this world. This can be applied when it comes to education and work. You do not necessarily have to dislike your current career or job just to change it. This is what is so great about human curiosity and eagerness to learn and grow. Before I get into the career change cover letter sample we have for you here, I would like to give a bit more information about cover letters, and also the standard procedure when it comes to changing your careers.

Now, before you decide to write a cover letter, you need to know more about cover letters, and how they are different from your average letter. You also need to know the basic structure of a cover letter, and what writing one entails. You may also like Daily Planner Template.

What is a Cover Letter?

So basically, a cover letter is not your average letter in the sense that it is a document you send with your resume that gives your employer additional information about the different aspects of your skills and the experience you have.

Wikipedia defines a cover letter as:

“A cover letter, covering letter, motivation letter, motivational letter or a letter of motivation is a letter of introduction attached to or accompanying another document such as a résumé”

And that is pretty much what it is. You have to, however, make sure you are not repeating what you wrote on your resume. Instead, note down the list of skills you have, and why you are perfect for the particular job you are applying for.

So why is a cover letter essential when it comes to changing careers?

Usually, cover letters include skills and experience related to your field, which is a key factor in you getting hired for your job. So a career change cover letter could be a bit tricky to perfect, considering how there might not be enough information or relevant experience which be crucial in getting the approval of the hiring managers (who are definitely looking for a certain type of employee, with certain qualifications for the job).

Sounds pretty tough, but it is not impossible, on the contrary, it is quite easy. You just have to demonstrate why you are perfect for the job despite not having the required employment experience. You have to highlight your true area of expertise, and how it will help you with your work in the current company you are applying for. Just make sure you clearly write about your career shift.

What our Cover Letter offers

This career change cover letter example is pre-written for you, so you can either use this as an incentive to write your own career letter, or you can modify this one to your own situation. We have previously added all the essential details a cover letter would require, so all you have to do is customize it a bit, and you are good to go!