15+ Free Family Newsletter Templates [Word+PDF]

A family newsletter template is a document that consists of one or more family members. It is used to share the news with everyone in their family. In the family newsletter, you can write exciting news and statements. You can also include important information in it.

Moreover, family newsletters can be written in many forms. Some people want to write more handwritten, intimate newsletters, by sending them by post. But, many people like the convenience of writing an electronic newsletter. By using a family newsletter template, electronic family newsletters can be written in the form of an e-mail. Then, put them on your own web page or share them on private social media pages.

Benefits of writing a family newsletter:

In any family type of family, each special moment in a family member’s life is worth remembering and celebrating. No matter whether the members are spread across the globe or your family all lives within 2 hours drive of each other. Starting a family newsletter is the perfect idea for someone that enjoys writing, creating, designing, and having a creative outlet. By sharing good or exciting news, a family newsletter increases family pride.

Creating family newsletters by using templates:

A family newsletter template is an important device particularly when you can quickly write, send, and or post an electronic newsletter to everyone in your family. A newsletter is basically a document or a record of your family’s history. You may be the family historian who wants to have some document to pass on to your children and the future generations in your family. This newsletter template enables you to do all those things and more.

Preferring premium designs over free designs:

This newsletter is always personal. It’s up to you how personal you want it to be. You can involve multiple people in the designing of your newsletter, or to tailor your newsletter to only your immediate family. You can be as creative or as simple as you want. By using already existing premium or free family newsletter templates, you can also make it easier on yourself. Using a template is the perfect way for you to start your own family newsletter in case you are not the most tech-savvy person in the world or want to know where to begin.


In conclusion, a family newsletter template offers you the security so you don’t worry about how to design your newsletter. It makes sure the quality of your hard work particularly when you are interested in disseminating special family news. These templates are unique. You can select the one that suits your family’s needs, styles, and views.