26+ Free Proof of Residency Letter Templates [Word]

A proof of residency letter template is a type of letter that states an individual resides at a specific address. The letter is usually written by an employer or a landlord. Other additional documents are also attached with it in order to provide supplemental evidence. An employer attaches the IRS Form W4. On the other hand, a landlord attaches a lease agreement.

The purpose of proof of residency letter:

The main purpose of writing this letter is to proof that the mentioned person is a resident of a mailing address or State. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) generally requires this document when applying for street parking or acquiring a driver’s license. Moreover, you also need this document while applying for insurance programs, government agencies, or employees who require to prove that they live where they claim.

How to write a proof of residency letter?

During writing a proof of residency letter, it is essential that the letter serves as an official testimony that the mentioned person resides in a specific State or address. Here are some important points that you should consider;


The date indicates the day on which the letter is written. Place the date at the top of the letter and align it to the right. In case, the letter will be notarized, then you have to ensure that the date on the letter is similar to the date you are meeting with the notary.

Name and address of the landlord

Your name should be written at the top of the letter. Your full legal name, full address, email address, and phone number should be mentioned here.

Declaration statement

The first sentence of the letter should be a declaration. You have to formally acknowledge that the mentioned person was residing at an address or State during the mentioned period. Furthermore, the full name of the Signature Party and the address must be included.

Length of residency

The length of time the mentioned person resided at the residence or address should be clearly stated. You should keep it precise and just include the day, month, and year.

Term of the lease

Mention the terms of lease. Specify the dates that indicate when the tenant moved in and when the lease terminates.

Persons who live on the property

The persons who are residing and sharing the lease agreement with the tenant also include their names and contact details. In addition, indicate that how long they have been living with him or her.

Amount of rent paid

The total rent paid by the tenant should be mentioned. Mention the time of the month when the rent is duly paid by the tenant.

Offer to answer follow-up questions

For follow-up questions, offer room and specify how the interested party may contact you for more information.

List of evidence documents attached

To proof that the person has been a tenant at the residence for the specified period, attach two relevant documents. Some documents that you may attach are;

  • a paycheck stub
  • utility bill
  • driver’s license bank statements
  • health insurance cards
  • cell phone bills
  • mortgage statements
  • residential lease agreements
  • tax returns
  • real estate deed
  • vehicle registration
  • voter registration card

Notary acknowledgment

You should make sure that the letter is notarized in case there is no supplemental evidence attached.


Before finalizing the proof of residency letter, you should affix your signature; type your name, and the date that you signed it.

Finishing the document

Your proof of residency letter should have all the necessary elements in a business letter format. In the end, proofread it, print it, and sign as appropriate.


In conclusion, a proof of residency letter template is considerate and provides the necessary information. The letter is usually written by the landlord to confirm that the tenant has been residing on their premises.