19+ Free Creative Brief Templates [Excel, Word]

A creative brief template is a document that summarizes the scope and the content of the project. Before working on a project, the developers have to sell the idea to the many parties involved in it. Therefore, they have to generate a brief that is technically referred to as the creative brief.

A creative brief includes the requirements of the projects, its objective, goals, and the resources that should be employed to accomplish it. Before implementing or executing brief by the said entities, it is mainly targeted at the company or the client way.

A creative brief is usually employed by the following;

  • Marketing managers
  • Project managers
  • Account executives

The target audience of creative brief is;

  • Web and graphic designers
  • Advertising experts
  • Marketing executives
  • Writers
  • Illustrators
  • Artists

Reasons for using a creative brief:

Here are the reasons to use a creative brief;

  • A creative brief defines the scope and the extent of the project. It also indicates the finer details of the project such as;
  1. the entire length of the project
  2. start and end dates
  3. the resources to be expended to accomplish the project
  4. the purpose for which the project is planned
  • This document creates Synergy between the members of the team who are to implement it. The project does this by defining the unique role that each player is assigned to perform. This way, within the timelines, the projects being delivered.
  • When you create synergies, it will remove all the conflicts that are bound to occur in the course of executing the projects. Thus, the tasks then flow smoothly.
  • The brief boosts the productivity of the affected project if it is properly planned and executed. This arises as to;
  1. the sum total of minimal wastage
  2. enhanced project execution
  3. the reduced conflicts that are naturally occur
  • The project that is currently under execution, the brief makes possible for you to account for it. Here ‘accounting for’ means that for the execution of the said projects, it is simpler to keep record of the resources that are set aside.

Basic components of the creative brief:

The basic contents of the creative brief are following;


Here, you have to provide information about the background of the company in detail. These may include;

  • when it was founded
  • the kinds of products the firm deals in
  • the long term vision of the company
  • the current product offering

Core objectives:

In this section, you should clearly state the overall goal of the project. You have to state this to avoid any ambiguity.

Target audience:

It is also important to inform that who you are targeting. By knowing your target audience, you can customize your marketing campaigns as clearly as can be.


Before making a move, you have to answer the following questions succinctly;

  • What are the main points you require to push across?
  • What are the different ways and means of sending the message?
  • At what times may the messages be delivered to the targeted persons?


The image and the colors that suit the certain client, the tone refers to them. It is essential to have the right tone on an order so that the message is delivered vividly.


It is important to work within a stipulated timeline. This makes sure that there are timely deliveries and that there is no delay of whatever kind.

Evaluating competition:

You have to evaluate the competition that is at your disposal. This enables you to make a successful campaign.


It is also important to identify how much you are able to spend and then make a budget around it.


In conclusion, a creative brief template is a useful tool that indicates the requirements of the projects, its overall objective, goals, and the resources. This document is truly beneficial to the various parties to a project.