36+ Free Printable Address Book Templates [Excel, Word, PDF]

An address book template is an effective tool to store information contact information of your friends, family, and colleagues in a systematic way. These days, people use smart phones to save the contact details of their acquaintances so in case of any technical failure; the address book is the best way to keep your contact list.

Moreover, the address book is the simplest way to save contact details and other information. With the help of this document, you can easily access your personal and professional contact information.

Different types of address books:

Let us discuss below some different types of address books;

Business address book

This type of address book is used to store professional contacts. It also contains other relevant information about your business contacts. With the help of business address book, you can organize all the information about your clients. You can easily find your business contacts via this document. Moreover, you can also find a huge collection of business address book templates online.

Personal address book

The personal address book is used to store your personal contacts and address. This document gives you easy access to your most frequently used addresses and contacts. You can keep a record of personal information of individuals in it. It is very easy to use and you can also create it your own address book with some easy steps.

Project address book

When many persons like stakeholders, project managers, project team members, Executive stakeholders, and more involved in a project then project contact list becomes an important tool. The project contact list allows you to save the contact information of all these members. Along with contact number, you can also include email address, home address, and other details.

Emergency address book

In case of any emergency, the emergency address book is the most valuable document. It involves the contact information of important persons such as your friends and family members.

Employee address book

Employee address book is used to organize the information of every employee of your office. It is a helpful document to manage your employees contact information.

The benefits of address book:

An address book provides you various benefits. Some of them as follow;

Get all phone numbers at one place

Address book is a great way where you can find all your contact numbers. It makes it very easy for you to find an emergency contact number in case of any emergency. You can update your contact list by adding new numbers or deleting previous one. You should use template to accomplish this task.

Provide other additional information

Along with contact information, you can also include other information like email address, phone number, home address, workplace number, and address. Furthermore, with an organized address book, you can easily a person’s contact information.

Backup of your phone’s contact list

These days, everyone has a Smartphone in which digital contact list is available. In case of any technical failure, you can make an excellent backup of your phone’s contact list by having address book.

Save essential information

Address book provides you a lot of benefits. In front of contact number and name, you can save important information regarding a specific person. That way, you can’t miss important information or an event of your special one. It is easy to remember and save important information with this organized address book.


In conclusion, an address book template is a helpful tool that assists you in storing contact information of your friends, family members, and others. You should use templates because they give a complete guide on how you can manage your address book. However, it’s up to you either you keep digital address book or paper address book.