28+ Free Printable Certificate of Origin Templates [Excel+Word+PDF]

A certificate of origin template is a type of document that includes information regarding the products, the country of export, and their destination. It gives a declaration of which country a good or commodity got manufactured. This certificate is a requirement by various treaty agreements to identify the eligibility for import and more.

When do you require a certificate of origin?

A certificate of origin template is needed along with a packing list or a commercial invoice. Some countries also expect the certificate of origin form to have a signature from the exporter as well as notarized.

Then, the certificate have a stamp along with signature by the chamber of commerce. In certain countries, customs officials may also request evidence of review from the chamber of commerce. So, you must have your own blank certificate of origin template for your business if you’re in the business of import and export. You may also like the certificate of employment samples.

Types of a certificate of origin:

As a standard certificate of origin, there is no such thing. But, all the templates have common things in them that are basic details about the shipped products, a tariff code, the importer and exporter, and the country of origin. The exporter is responsible to document this information.

Also, the exporter must get the certificate of origin form notarized. After that, submit it along with the shipment. The more particular information requirements of this certificate is based on the types of exported goods and their destination. You can make two types of certificates of origin that are;

  • Non-preferential: these also referred as “ordinary certificates of origin.” They show that under any trade agreements the shipped goods don’t qualify for tariff-free or reduced tariff treatments.
  • Preferential: These documents include a declaration that for tariff treatments, the shipped goods qualify. You can refer to the Generalized System of Preference or GSP of each country in order to learn more about this.

The significance of a certificate of origin:

This is a document that shows the country of origin of shipped products. This indicates where these products got produced, manufactured, grown or processed. This document is important on any export or import shipments for the following reasons;

  • Through trade agreements, it gives entitlement to business owners to preferential duty programs.
  • It assists business owners in identifying whether they can legally import or export certain goods.
  • It also assists in setting control management of exports and imports.
  • For statistical reporting, this certificate is useful.
  • It aids in meeting the proper requirements for product marketing.
  • It helps in differentiating the product from other identical products.
  • It makes the customs processes go smoothly.

With all of the terms and conditions of the foreign country you’re importing or exporting items, you may require a country of origin document to comply. You would generally attach this document to an invoice that includes the similar information.

Furthermore, you should do some research on or communicate with a company before shipping any goods that deals with international transportation. By doing this, you can identify whether or not you require to fill a blank certificate of origin with all of the necessary details as part of their requirements.

Submit the form and invoice or you can also submit them online. Again, this is based on the transport company you select to work with. You should also check the rules of the country you plan to deal with. In addition to this, make sure that you don’t run into any issues. You may also see ordination certificate templates.


In conclusion, a certificate of origin template is an important document in import and export processes. When you are planning to export goods to certain countries, you require this document particularly, when it’s one of the requirements of the process. The certificate includes the important information regarding the goods you’re sending for the advantage of customs.