28+ Free Shipping Label Templates [MS Word]

A shipping label template is a document that gives information on the sender and receiver of packages. To make sure that each package reaches the destination, a good shipping label should have all the relevant information. By following some basic guidelines, you can easily create shipping labels.

It should be simple and easy to read. Don’t include any extraneous information on a shipping label as this can cause confusion while the shipping process.

What is a shipping label?

A shipping label is important for any package where it’s shipped. The label acts as an instruction to provide the shipping service information on where to send the package. Shipping labels may also indicate evidence that the shipping costs have already been paid. They also have bar codes that enable electronic scanners to input data along the shipping route. Tracking packages is highly appreciated by the customers. Therefore, for both humans and computers, shipping labels should always be accurate and easy to read.

The importance of shipping labels:

Sometimes shipping labels may overlook but they are important for any business that sells and ships goods. They make connection among the humans and the automated network involved in shipping packages. They should be clear so that electronic scanners can scan them easily. This removes computer errors and makes the shipping process quick.

Furthermore, many businesses, for creating shipping labels, don’t take into consideration the importance of developing a good system. But, they have to keep in mind that this is an essential part of their business.

How do shipping labels work?

A shipping label includes the destination of a shipping service package. The label also states the origin of the package. This way, the sender can be notified whether there is a problem or the packaged can be returned to the sender. The label has the name and address of the sender and receiver of the package. As the package moves along the shipping route, the shipping service provider will scan it. This makes both the sender and receiver able to monitor the package and know when to expect delivery. Most shipping services scan the shipping label several times throughout the route. This can give an accurate expected date of delivery. All created shipping labels should be unique in order to prevent confusion of packages.

How to make a shipping label in Word?

Many people use Word for creating all types of business documents. You can also use MS Word to create shipping labels. Open Word and select the “new document” option. Search for the right template for your shipping label. Remember that word has some essential shipping labels already available. But, to meet your business needs better, you may also have the option to download other types of shipping label templates.

What to include on your shipping label?

This information depends on your shipping courier and other factors. Include the following important information on your shipping label;

  • who shipped the package
  • package destination
  • package weight
  • shipping class
  • route code
  • tracking number


In conclusion, a shipping label template makes the process of creating shipping labels a lot easier. Make sure that your shipping label should be clear, concise, and easy to read. Include all the important information while creating a shipping label.