26+ Free Simple Call Sheet Templates [Excel+Word+PDF]

A call sheet template is used in film industry that includes all of the information needed in a photo or film shoot. People who works in the film industry know the importance of this document. Also, the success of a project is based on how well-written and detailed your film call sheet is.

What is a movie call sheet?

It is the most essential document in a film or photo production. For handling the issuance of a simple call sheet template, the assistant directors are typically responsible. Production sheets can break down into following different sections;

  • The first section includes crucial production information. It should always come before the other sections.
  • The time and location of the shoot are covered in the second section. You can also add extra information related to the shoot such as local weather forecasts, the location of the nearest hospital here, etc.
  • The third section has the details of the shoot. The information presents in this section gets organized in a schedule for shooting. This provides the crew an idea of how long the shooting day will last.
  • The people involved in the shoot are covered in the fourth section. The information gets organized via a crew grid.

What should be included on a call sheet?

Here is the information that you should include in a call sheet;

Contact details of the VIPs

At the top left-corner of film production templates, indicates the;

  • logo of the production company
  • the office details of the company
  • the contact details of the VIPs

Production title and crew call

At the top of the page, call sheet template should display name of the production along with the crew call. Here, you can highlight any special announcements.

Dates, days, and weather

Furthermore, place the date and the days of the shoot near the top of the film call sheet.

Set address, hospitals, and parking

The locations of shooting sites are placed at the top-half of the production sheets. In case, there is more than one then label these with numbers. Additionally, include here the address of the parking lot and any other notes about driving, parking, shuttles or directions to and from the location. It is also important to include the address of the closest hospital from each of the locations.

Daily shooting schedule

This part of the film production template pays attention on what you would do for each shooting day. You must serve a complete meal no more than 6-hours from the typical crew call on the basis of union rules.

Talent list

This section provides the following in a typical call sheet example;

  • The talent’s name
  • ID number
  • Character name
  • Call times
  • Status

Background and Stand-Ins

The sheet also provides information to the;

  • The production unit
  • Wardrobe
  • Make-up
  • Assistant Directors
  • Catering
  • More of the extras you require to maintain for that day

Department notes

There is a section in the majority of call sheet templates that highlights specific notes for departments. It includes the wardrobe, essential props in a scene, and a note about a complex writing setup. In addition, it also contains a reminder for when you need to bring something important to the set.

Crew list

In the crew list, provides the names of all the crew members in attendance for that particular day. You should also include their names, call times, and positions here.

Advanced schedule

For the following day, this is basically an initial shooting schedule. This part provides everyone time to prepare.

Walkie-talkie channels

In the general notes or footer of the call sheet, you can find walkie-channels. For specific departments, there are industry standards regarding the use of channels.


In conclusion, a call sheet template should be sent out by the first assistant director before a shoot to the film crew. This document includes important details about the shoot day to the film crew and cast.