11+ Real & Fake Social Security Card Templates [MS Word]

You will receive a social security card template that contains a nine-digit Social Security number in case you are a citizen of America citizen or a permanent resident in the US. This card will be your first and constant connection with the Social Security Agency.

How to get a free social security card?

A social security number is a thing that employers require when they are looking for a job. When collecting social security benefits and other government services, you also require this card.

However, you have to provide original documents or copies certified by the agencies that issued them in order to get your own SSS card template. The submitted documents should have validity and never present expired interviews. You require the following documents for this purpose;

  1. Citizenship documents: as proof of US citizenship, you need a US passport or US birth certificate.
  2. Age: it is a requirement to present a birth certificate. In place of a birth certificate, you can present a US passport, a religious record that is created before you turned 5 that indicates your date of birth, and US hospital record of your birth.
  3. If you don’t have a number: in case, you are over 12 and you don’t have number yet then you can present other documents as proof. If you lived outside the US, you may present a previous or current passport, employment or school records. On the other hand, If you lived in the US, you may have to give details regarding the schools you attended or copies of tax records.
  4. Identity: to prove your identity, you may have to submit the documents that contain your date of birth or age, and a recent photograph such as;
  • US passport
  • US diver’s license
  • Non-driver identification card
  • US military identification card
  • School identification card
  • Employee identification card
  • Health insurance card

How to apply for your new Social Security card?

Here are some steps to follow for applying for a new card;

Proof of your age and identity

You will give some basic details including documents that prove your age and identity while filling up the application form for a new card. At least one of these documents must be on-hand.

Complete the application form

Fill in the application form completely. Then, give the necessary information. Your application may get rejected if you don’t follow this requirement. Also, you must have to affix your signature and in the case of younger children, a guardian or parent should affix their signature on the form.

Update your social security details

You must present relevant documentation as proof for any modifications of information like your name or marital status. You also have to provide a reason why you requested these modifications.

Submit the application form

There are two ways of submitting the application form. The first way is to visit the Social Security office in person and the second one file your application online. You must go to the office in case you want to obtain a temporary printout within the day. Due to security reasons, the government won’t allow you to print your official card yourself from the website.

Furthermore, you can mail in your application in the absence of a Social Security office or you cannot submit your application online. You will receive the replacement card by mail if all the information you given in the application is completely accurate. You may also like the appointment cards template.

Inform your employer

If you have had to apply for a temporary SSN while working at a company, then in your IRS paperwork and your company’s payroll system, It is essential that you get a new SSN in place of your temporary one.


In conclusion, a social security card template is a legal government document that you require for various purposes such as the employers require it when they are looking for a job.