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Recent developments in educational technology have facilitated institutions by providing them up-to-date modern infrastructures. Today, there is a possibility of least distance between a teacher and his students. Thanks to teacher grade book Printable Free. With the growing advances in technology, it has become convenient for institutional management to record the conduct of students in terms of curriculum remarks, standard of performance in class and behavior remarks with teachers as well as classmates.

Teacher Grade Book Printable Free?

Teacher Grade Book Printable Free is an ultramodern paradigmatic example of today’s global world. Technology has accelerated it’s pace in institutions. Hence, Teachers compound the all necessary information about each student in a single Microsoft Teacher GradeBook Template. In this template, Teachers can save a comprehensive summary of class.

This summary provides an unambiguous list of students with their names, subjects’ names, and marks obtained in each subject. Class summary is a combined sheet included in Teacher Grade Book Template. Altough, the spreadsheet contains assignment remarks of each subjects also. Resultantly, through the assignment mark sheet of each student, it will become easy to conclude the remarks of students in the Students Summary option.

How to use?

If you are using this template for the first time in your institution, do not worry about making errors. Through our provided template you can learn each and every step of using Teacher Grade Book Template. So, Firstly, Download the template here from this website. Choose Microsoft Excel sheet as a downloading option. Secondly, edit the template now. See the list of given options above. For example, Class Summary, Subject 1, Subject 2, Subject 3, and Students Summary. After that, follow these instructions:

Class Summary:

Write the name of Teacher and in rows write the names of students in alphabetical order. You may also like Collage Class Schedule Maker Template

Teacher Grade Book Printable Free

Teacher Grade book Printable Free
Download Teacher Grade Book Template

 In this template there are only given examples of subjects inclusions but you can add more subjects in the sheet. Now write the marks of each students obtained in single subject. Just like subject 1, subject 2, subject 3, and so on..

Subject 1 : Subject 2 : Subject 3 :

Before writing marks of each student, write the name of every subject and period.

Write the marks of each student obtained in assignments, quiz competitions, and tests.

Students Summary:

In the edit mode you can see there are multiple options given in this spreadsheet.

Teacher Grade Book Template Free

Write the name of School, Teacher, and Grade/Class.

Write accurate date of progress in class.

Write the name of only one student with individual marks obtained in each subject.

Teacher Grade Book Template Free

Write your remarks about student so that he or she can learn about appreciations and mistakes.

Meet with student’s parents and save their comments in sheet.

Attested signature of parents is required in this cause.

Similarly, Follow these steps for other students in list.

Advantages Of Teacher Grade Book Template:

(1) To Save class summary

(2) To save assignment marks-sheet of each student

(3) To get a detailed examination study of all students

(4) To make a quick analysis on students conduct in studies

(5) To save the document of each class year and to compare it with other classes performance

(6) To record the remarks of teachers for each students conduct

(7) To record the comments of student’s parents

(8) To forward the summary of students to principal via internet in soft copies

without any delay

Download Teacher Grade Book Template

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