30+ Free Useful Study Plan Templates [Excel+Word]

As a student, you should use a study plan template to manage your time properly. You should make an effective study plan in order to achieve your goal in the allotted time. Keep in mind that if you don’t manage your time properly, you can lead to stressful situations.

Why do you require a study plan template?

You can navigate through your high school or college education with a study plan template when you are holding yourself responsible for your learning goals. Thus, time management is everything. There are also other things aside from your regular classes such as extra-curricular activities, social engagements, and even work. There are many benefits of a study plan;

  • Using your time effectively is easy to see.
  • To complete your homework, you can make sure that you will always set aside enough time outside of your classes.
  • You can prepare for exams.
  • You can review everything that you are learning.

How to make a study plan?

Here are the steps that you can follow to make your study plan;

Discover your learning style

You can keep pace with change by learning how you learn as learning is a lifelong process. It might become too challenging for you to learn in case you don’t know how to learn best. You may also like the Study Timetable Template.

Set realistic goals

There are two steps involved in the achievement of goals that are planning and executing. If you have both, you can attain your goals. You should keep the following considerations in mind;

  • Select a simple goal for the semester: choose a simple goal that you would like to achieve for your current semester or term.
  • To reach your goals, come up with a list of actionable steps: you should try to break down your goal into smaller steps. By having plenty of items in your good list that take less than an hour will help you in setting deadlines and gets you motivated to make a little progress every day.

Involve study time in your daily routine

Try to keep small commitments in order to make things easier. So, you have to make a plan that you can keep. Maintaining consistency is equally important.

Make a structure for your study time

You need to restructure your study habits in case you notice that your plan makes you feel worn out that you lose the enthusiasm to continue. Including a lot of breaks is a key to staying motivated, especially during long study sessions.

Create a study zone

Having your own study zone is the best way for you to “get into the zone” while studying. You should make sure that your study zone is completely clean and distraction-free.

Take notes appropriately

In your learning process, taking down notes is a very important skill and you should master this. It depends on your learning style that when and how you take notes.

Regularly review your notes

You should decide on when is the right time to review your notes. You can either review them before or after your study sessions. It’s best to review your notes before going to sleep. This may help you in improving your memory. You may also see Teacher Evaluation Form.

During class, don’t use your gadgets

Texting, checking your email, or browsing the internet are considered distractions and they don’t benefit your study plan. You just use internet when you don’t understand something.

Get enough sleep

You should ensure that you get enough sleep. To achieve this, set a fixed bedtime every day. You should set your alarm for a regular bedtime. This way, you might not even need an alarm in the morning.


In conclusion, a study plan template is the best tool for the students to properly manage their time. Students must make study plan in order to prioritize their subjects and make time for other activities.