18+ Free Academic Recommendation Letter Templates [Word+PDF]

An academic recommendation letter is written by a representative of the school to inform about the abilities and achievements of the student. This letter is usually required during job interviews, educational scholarship placements, and award recommendations. The letter highlights activities, accomplishments, and contributions of the student in order to enhance the chances of getting a job, promotion, or a scholarship.

Furthermore, the academic recommendation letter is written by teachers, school administrators, counselors, and coaches. They include the student’s necessary details about academic results and mention his/her overall social aspect and character. They give an organization applicant’s aims and extra information about their academics.

Different types of an academic recommendation letters:

College recommendation letters

This letter is written to help students in applying for college. This letter showcases the achievements, academic strengths, character, and contributions of the student.

Graduate school recommendation letters

This type of recommendation letter assists employees, researchers, and undergraduates who want to extend their education to graduate school. In this letter, the academic prowess, project accomplishments, and strengths of the applicant are mentioned. The letter should also state that why the institution should give the student a chance to go further with their education.

Job application recommendation letters

It is written to an organization or interviewer. The letter also includes details of the strengths of the student applicant.

Letters to gain financial aid

The letter is written to verify that a student applying for financial help is worthy. It states that the donor should provide the scholarships to fund their studies.

In addition, the recommendation letter is also written to gain teaching assistant employment at a university. This type of recommendation letter indicates the student’s progress in past or present learning institutions.

How to write an academic recommendation letter?

The letter should follow a professional and formal guideline. Follow the below steps to write an academic recommendation letter;

Address the letter

When addressed to the correct recipient, the letter feels more personalized. The applicant has to give information regarding the institution, department, or individual that the letter should address.

Include a brief introduction

The introduction should give a brief opening statement that states the purpose of writing the letter on behalf of the applicant.

Outline the applicant’s academic abilities

The letter has to indicate the overall performance of a student in various subjects and their progress as well as their strengths. This section includes the following;

  • Extracurricular activities: the activities that students perform outside the classroom should be noted in the recommendation letter to indicate their abilities.
  • Awards or recognition: write about the applicant’s awards or recognition in order to increase an applicant’s chances of being considered. Moreover, you can also showcase prizes given to the student in recognition of past performance.
  • Area of expertise: you have to mention that an applicant is best at writing an academic recommendation letter.
  • Positive character traits: it is suggested to outline the applicant’s best traits. This way, you influence a good perception of the recipient towards the applicant. Explains the applicant’s positive traits in order to enhance the chances of being considered for a job, admission, or scholarship.
  • Ambition: also, state the ambitions of the applicant that coincide with the job position they applied for or that are relevant to the study course they aim to pursue.

Provide an example of the applicant’s academic accomplishment

During writing the letter, the strengths of the applicant should be backed by their achievements.

End the letter

This part of the letter contains the writer’s closing statements. It emphasizes that why the recipient should consider the applicant.

Provide your contact information

The writer should conclude the letter by providing his/her contact information.


In conclusion, an academic recommendation letter should be written effectively in order to increase the chances of applicant of getting considered. The writer should keep a positive tone throughout the letter. It must contain the positive attributes of an applicant.