Free Printable Field Trip Permission Slip Templates [Word]

Field trip permission slip template is used by schools or organizations in order to make the process of designing permission slips easier. These printable templates are easy to use and customizable that fit your preferences.

What is a field trip permission slip?

A field trip permission slip is a document that schools or organizations send home with a student to parents or guardians to obtain consent for the students to travel under the auspices of the respective authority for a specific field trip. This slip legally allows the institution to take care of the children during the field trip. Moreover, the ‘field’ in the field trip indicates that the academic work done outside the school environment. You may also like Salary Slip Format in Excel & Word.

What to include in the field trip permission slip?

Field trip permission slip should contain the following important components;


It includes the date that when the field trip schedule to happen. You should also differentiate the date of the trip and the date the permission slip was written.


Write the full name of the student to avoid confusion. Also, mention the class of the student would be helpful in case of student shares a name with another.

Parents/Guardian name:

This contains the name of the parent or guardian. During addressing them, use respective titles such as Dr, Prof, Mr., Mrs., etc.

Location of the trip:

Mention the place where students will be going for the trip. The location of the trip must indicate which state and city.

Departure time:

Write the time when students will leave for the trip. It is important to mention the departure time so that parents prepare their children in advance.

Return time:

Return time means when students are expected back from the field trip. This time enables the parents to prepare for the arrival of students. You should also check Free Concept Note Templates & Samples [Word+PDF].

Means of transport:

Write the means of transport the students will use to travel. It is important to mention the means of transport because some students aren’t comfortable with certain forms of transport.


Permission slip has no value without the signature of the parents. By signing the slip, parents allow the school or organization to take care of their child during the field trip.

Types of permission slips:

Below are the basic types of permission slips;

1. Blanket permission slip:

By consenting to blanket permission slip the parents will be agreeing that the school may not be responsible for any injury to the child during the field trip. In addition, it doesn’t matter what or who caused the injury.

2. Informed consent form:

This slip explains an activity, event, or trip that has an inherent risk. By signing the slip, parents agree that the school is not responsible if something occurs.


In conclusion, field trip permission slip templates are cost-effective, free to download, and you can print out as many as you need. With the help of these templates, the process of designing the slips will be quick, easy, and smooth.