PERT Chart Template and Examples [Excel, Word] Free Download

In this article, you will get Pert Chart Template. We have come across so many types of different tools and templates related to business techniques, so running a company could become easier for us. Businessmen and company owners do not have time to do everything from scratch. This is why these tools are essential for the smooth and easy management of a particular company.

One of these tools we have is the PERT chart Template. If you keep on reading you are going to know what it is and how the PERT chart template on Microsoft excel actually works.

What is a PERT Chart?

A PERT Chart or a Program Evaluation Review Technique Chart is a project management tool. It is a graphical representation of a certain company’s project and all the milestones, schedules, and tasks related to that project.

It is basically a diagrammatical form of a company’s project schedule. It specifies the time, date, and span of a certain task that has to be completed when required. It is so detailed, that it allows project managers to break down every component of their project, plan a proper due time for the stated component, and make sure everything is done perfectly so there are no problems. you may also like the Projected income statement Template.

How does it work?

There are so many business-related tools out there that work on the basis of the same principle, which is, reducing the cost of a project and making sure it is time-efficient. PERT chart uses the same principles as well, the good thing about the PERT chart is, and it takes most of the aspects of a new project into consideration.

It uses ordered decision-making to ensure a project that has minimum cost and time consumption. Its Graphical representation is very useful considering how there are many tasks in a project that has to do in a certain sequence, and there are many tasks that have to be done side by side. Having a visual for that is so much easier and convenient.

This PERT Chart Template uses something called “nodes”, the nodes are little pictorials that represent a project’s events and milestones. The PERT Chart also uses something called vectors; these vectors are lines that illustrate the direction and sequence of certain tasks. These lines also specify these tasks as well.

PERT charts are very useful in the sense that they use visual representations. That makes so many tasks so much easier and less confusing. And due to its very simple nature, it is very easy to create and change. You may also like Rent Payment Tracker Spreadsheet.

And if you do not have time for that, fear not. We have a sample PERT chart template excel for you.

This very useful yet very simple PERT chart template on Microsoft Excel is just what you need to do a proper project analysis. It consists of exactly what you need; it has a number of project task spaces, with spaces for their start and end dates and time. And because it is so simple, it can easily be edited and modified to your liking.

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