20+ Free Room Rental Agreement Templates [Word+PDF]

A room rental agreement template is used to create an effective rental room agreement between the owner of the room and the tenant. It is an official agreement that is made by the owner of the room to create a good relationship between him and the tenant. The main purpose of this agreement is to encourage synchronization of what to expect from both parties by making things clear with the help of a written contract.

Moreover, this agreement provides you protection to rent out a room in your home. You should create a room rental agreement for each tenant and clear both your duties and the tenant’s responsibilities. By having this agreement, you can easily remove the tenants that are not paying the rent or not following the rules set. You may also like Free Rent Payment Tracker Spreadsheet.

Benefits of room rental agreement:

The room rental agreement provides benefits to both the tenant and the owner of the room. Some of them are as follow;

  • Many tenants don’t know their legal rights, this document makes clear the legal rights of the tenant. The terms such as obligations, legalities, and expectations of the landlord and the tenant are involved in this agreement.
  • When both the tenant and the landlord sign the room rental agreement, it generates a legally binding agreement between them. Some tenants don’t demand this agreement before renting out a room. However, it’s an important document in order to avoid any future disputes.
  • This agreement clearly explains the types of repairs and maintenance that have to be paid for by the landlord and which ones are the tenant’s responsibilities. Usually, the utility bills are paid for by the tenant. On the other hand, taxes and land fees are paid by the landlord.
  • It states the tenant’s right to privacy. So, it develops a sense of security.
  • With the country’s inflation rates, rental charges must increase and this document clearly sets up terms of a rental rent increase.
  • This document not just states that when the tenancy will start, it also explains when and how the tenancy will be terminated.

What to include in a room rental agreement?

Some key elements that should be included in a room rental agreement are;

Name of the tenants:

The names of the tenants who will be renting in the room must be included in the agreement. If a family is renting a room then include the names of all the adults. In this way, everyone will be aware of the agreement.


You should clearly state in the agreement that the people whose names mentioned in the agreement can occupy the room. It makes sure that only those people can live on the property. Furthermore, without permission, if the tenant allows a relative or a friend to reside in the room then the landlord has authority to evict the tenant.

Conditions of occupancy:

In the room rental agreement, the terms and conditions should be clearly stated either it is a short or long-term rental room agreement. However, the duration can vary from month to year. Also, the terms should be defined appropriately in the agreement.

Rental fees and security deposits:

The amount to be paid for rent, the date for payment, and the mode of payment should be specified in the agreement. Explain how a security deposit will be used and when and how it will be returned.

Repairs and maintenance:

The duties and responsibilities with regard to repairs and maintenance should be defined in the agreement.

Restrictions on illegal activities:

The restrictions on illegal activities should be clearly stated so that the tenant must avoid these activities during the tenancy. Rules for other things like parking, smoking and alcohol, and rules on pets must be defined appropriately. You should also check the Template of Sales Invoice.


In conclusion, a room rental agreement template is a helpful tool that helps you to create an effective agreement between the landlord and the tenant. In addition, creating a rental room agreement template is easy enough.