21+ Free Printable Place Card Templates [Word+PDF]

Organizers of social events use a place card template to assign the guests in their proper places. This card makes the process of receiving guests to placing them in their proper places smooth.

What is a placement card?

In social events, using place card template makes your guests feel welcomed and special from the very starting. When you have customized and designed your free place card template, you can place them on the dining table.

Furthermore, these cards can also be place at the entrance of the venue to inform your guests to which table they should sit it. There are two ways to make your card i.e. by making on your own or having them professionally made.

Having them professionally made is the better option as it saves you valuable time and eliminates the stress as the date of the event approaches. But, it is more personalized when you make the seating card template yourself. This card generally have the following features;

  • The name of your guest is placed on the front.
  • Either tended or folded having table number inside. In some cases, you can also involve a simple message.
  • Simple graphics such as doves, hearts, flowers or rings on the basis of the occasion.

How to make place cards on MS Word?

Here are the steps to make your own place cards;

Select a template from Microsoft Word

At first, open the program and from drop-down menu, click ‘New.’ To pop-up at the right side of the screen, click “New” for a dialog box. Search for the section labeled “Templates” and after that click “Templates on Office Online.” You can find out free templates online and download the one you want.

On the top-left corner, click the text box. Then, type “place card” and click “search.” Microsoft Office Online automatically finds out the top 100 results. After that, displays 25 options at a time. It also indicates previews of the place cards with titles. The place card you want, click on it and then click “Download.”

To match your event, add a background or texture

There are different designs you can use. You just have to ensure that the design of your place card matches the theme of your event. Adding a background to your place card is one of the easiest ways to do this. As a background for your template, you may select from textures, abstract patterns, and images. You can find out royalty-free images online to use.

Make lovely typography for your place cards

Additionally, you can customize your place cards by writing or printing the guest’s names. This is an essential aspect in the design of your cards. To customize, you should ensure that the guest’s name both is clear and legible. Also, the fonts used must match the motif of your event.

There are plenty of fonts to choose from as with the backgrounds. On the basis of your event, you can select from script fonts that give elegance to serif fonts which look more formal. You should select a typeface that best matches your place card design.

Save your template in high resolution

Now, you are ready to print your own place cards. But, at first, you have to save it in high resolution for printing. You can print them at home or take the services of a professional.


In conclusion, a place card template is an important event management tool that event organizers use to assign the guests in their proper places. You can see place cards at a wedding, a birthday party or other occasions.