Baseball Stats Tracker Free Download [Excel, Word, PDF]

Introduction to Baseball Scorekeeping

The name very obviously suggests what this spreadsheet is about. Baseball Stats tracker!

Baseball is a very old game. It dates back to as far as 1744. This game is very international in terms of amateur playing, but professionally it is mainly big in North America with millions of loyal fans that follow it regularly.

So whether you’re a fan, a coach, or a player, this spreadsheet is perfect for you to keep track of your favorite game and its scores.

What This Baseball Stats Tracker Excel Spreadsheet includes

  • This spreadsheet includes everything a baseball scorecard has.
  • At the top of the scoresheet we have a space for putting down the names of both of the teams; the home team and the visiting team.
  • The next feature is the space on the left for listing the player names and positions and their uniform numbers. There is plenty of space for the line-up, and also the replacements that might come up.
  • The number in the first column is the innings and each column shows a new inning. You fill these up according to the live play going on. In this particular spreadsheet, there is space to record up to 11 innings. The last 2-3 are usually extra columns used for different purposes, such as in case of a tie (which then requires extra innings).
  • Since this spreadsheet is so simple and easy to use, it is also very easy to customize according to your requirements.
  • At the end of the game, you can equate the respective teams’ total scores which include the AB (At-Bats), the runs, and the hits, etc.
  • The bottom rows can be used to list down the pitchers of your team. Since this scorecard includes both teams, you can keep track of the other teams’ pitchers as well.

Why this Baseball Stats Excel Tracker Spreadsheet scorecard?

Scorecards are not only used by the professionally hired scorekeepers. Some diehard fans use it personally as well. And this is exactly why scorecards are an easy way to keep track of your scores.

It can help you focus on the game more; you will emotionally and mentally invest in the game which will, in turn, help you enjoy it more. You will be able to examine every inning very thoroughly.

Now keeping all of this in mind, this baseball stats tracker has a very simple style/pattern. There are no complexities to it that make scorekeeping hard. Since it is very simple, it is also very easy customization as well, so you can make changes to it according to what you require. you can also use his template as an online baseball tracker.

Whether it’s an amateur game or a professional one, you can easily download this spreadsheet, and change it accordingly.

The scorecard is available right here, you just download it, customize it if you want, print it and you will be able to easily keep track of your favorite team. The card is in the form of a Microsoft Excel template.

So never lose track of your favorite team’s score and simply download this free baseball stats tracker and enjoy!