27+ Free Board Game Templates [Word]

A board game template is used by teachers in their classrooms to catch the interest of their students for learning as well as to have fun. It has become an effective and powerful tool. This document teaches the students how to talk, think, and enjoy themselves during learning. Furthermore, you can download board game templates from any website and customize them with a text of your own choice. You can also mix it up with pictures.

Different types of board game templates:

There are different types of board game templates on different topics. These are great for students. However, it’s up to you either you download the printed templates or use blank templates, then edit it by adding your images or words. Here are some different types of templates; You may also see Bowling Score Sheet.

Can Can’t:

This is a dice game and incredibly fun to play. Below are some steps to play this game;

  • Each pair of student requires one die for this game.
  • At first, a student starts rolling the die and moving his player. Then, on the square his player landed on, he starts a dialogue based on the picture.
  • The main aim of this game is to arrive at the middle star to get a point. When student wins the game, he goes back to starting and plays all over again.
  • If a student lands on red-colored Square, he has to go back to the beginning point. If he lands on a green-colored square he makes 2 moves forward or if he lands on a square that says “Change Places”. It means he changes places with his partner.

This game assists the students in starting conversation with each other. They use target expressions and keywords.

Race around the World:

In this game, students don’t need a dice. They just need an eraser or some other small object to use as a game piece. This game is also played in pairs. One player moves in a clockwise direction and the other in opposite directions. Also, it doesn’t require much preparation. You just have to use a board game maker.

The Spinner game:

This game just requires a pencil and a paper clip. Some steps for playing this game are;

  • In the middle of the board, students place the paper clip and in the middle of the clip they place the pencil.
  • Then students turn the paper clip to make it spin.
  • This board game contains 8 sections. At the bottom of each of the sections, the numbers are the corresponding points.
  • After spinning the clip, by using keywords one student starts a dialogue.

Flick the eraser:

Again, this game is also played in pairs. Players require an eraser, a small object that they can flick, a crayon, and colored pencil.

Guess Who:

It is another interesting game that your students surely enjoy during the class. It is commonly used to train students to formulate questions.

Apples to Apples:

This game assists in developing thinking and vocabulary skills. It is an effective way to practice the students on the parts of speech.

I spy:

It introduces new words to kids and young learners. The goal is to find the right objects on the cards. You may also like Baseball Stats Tracker.

How to create your own Board game?

  • Firstly, download the board game template and then customize it.
  • Choose a theme and design for your game. Before creating your actual board game, try collecting ideas.
  • After that, find out a printable game board that best suits the theme.
  • Print the accessories include game cards, dice, game pieces, and more for your board game.
  • When you have all done with the above steps, make your board game’s packaging.


In conclusion, a board game template is a powerful tool that helps the students how to talk, think, and enjoy themselves during learning. Creating a board game is much fun as playing the game itself.