Bowling Score Sheet Calculator Free [Excel, Word, PDF]

Bowling Score sheet, we all know what Cricket is and we all love it. You might not have played it but I’m sure you’ve heard of it because that’s just the type of game it is. It gets people excited and competitive. You can play it casually with your pals or find a professional career in it. The point is, it’s a fun and exciting game, and the world agrees.

Before we go into its scoring system Calculator, and the excel spreadsheet, I will go a bit more into detail about the sport itself.

Bowling is a throwing sport that involves a player targeting a specific item (bowling pins in most cases) and throwing a bowling ball towards the item. There are several different types of bowling, but to keep it simple we will only focus on pin bowling.

Pin bowling involves a set of 10 pins set up at the end of a lane, the goal is to target these pins and knock them over. The more pins you knockdown with a bowling ball the more you score.

There are a few terms associated with the act of playing this sport. Some of which include:

  • Strike: When you knock down all the pins on the first bowl (You get two to three rolls per frame).
  • Spare: When you knock down all the pins on your second roll.
  • Split: When at least two pins remain standing after an attempted strike.
  • Turkey: When you get consecutive strikes.

What this Bowling Score sheet Calculator includes

Bowling Score Calculator is very handy, they are required when you need to keep a record of the game you are a play or spectating. You can be a player, a fan, or maybe a scorer, you are going to need a scorecard.

And what’s better than this Bowling Score sheet Calculator Excel Template.

This bowling score sheet Microsoft excel Template is a pretty simple bowling scorecard. It includes almost everything you would need to keep track of in a bowling game.

The spreadsheet is divided into columns and rows like you would normally expect a scorecard to have.

On the left end of the scorecard, you have a column of empty spaces where you can note down the names of the players in the game. The right side includes 10 frames, so you can tally scores up to 10 turns. These frames are divided into 2 further boxes, which are used for the number of rolls you get per turn. you may also like Soccer Stats Spreadsheet.

At the far right of the scorecard, there is a row for the total score that you can calculate and mark.

Why this Bowling Score sheet calculator?

A bowling score Calculator on Excel Template is available in many formats on the internet. The special thing about this one is that it is very simple and easy to use; it has no complex design or style and is not restricted to one format, which makes it very customizable. So you can easily change it accordingly.

What you have to do is download it (it’s absolutely free), change it accordingly, and print it. Enjoy your simple and easy use Bowling score sheet Microsoft Excel.

You Can Download it, save it as a PDF or Convert it into JPEG and Print it to use manually.