25+ Professional Biography Templates & Examples (Word / PDF)

A biography template is basically an account of someone’s life that is composed by another person. In the case of few sentences biography, a biography can be short. On the other hand, it can also be long enough just like an entire book. The short biographies demonstrates someone’s basic life facts and their importance, while the long biographies have more details to make an interesting read.

Additionally, the length of the biography is based on the type of information you want to include. The length will identify the nature of information. A lengthy biography is more complicated as it contains more details.

How to write a good biography?

A biography is written to analyze a person’s life. A good biographer will try to join the dots and demonstrate specific actions and events. This assists in bringing out the importance of a person’s life via their achievements or remarkable deeds.

Chronological order is used to write biographies. Some biographers also write the biographies in themed order like early life, educational background, or a person’s achievements. Furthermore, there are various sources of information that will help you in writing an outstanding biography. These sources of information can be primary or secondary sources. Materials like letters, newspaper accounts or diaries are the primary sources of information. While, reference books, other biographies or historical records are considered as the secondary sources.

A professional biography:

A professional biography should be engaging, informative and interesting for the readers so that they analyze the person or business entity being talked about. Following elements should be included in a professional biography;

  • In a sentence or two, provide a summary of one’s early life in order to make it interesting.
  • Next, type information regarding your education. You just have to mention any academic awards or the clubs and societies that you were part of as well as any work experience in school.
  • Speak about how creative and innovative you are. State that you can come up with solutions to the problems that you have faced as an individual. Indicate any condition that you were self-reliant in coming up with solutions.
  • Specify the qualities that make you stand out such as being independent, principled, and more.

Personal biography:

The personal biography should be precise and relevant to your target audience that indicates who you are, your credentials and your notable achievements in life. Include the following key elements in a personal biography;

  • Provide an introduction of yourself. Write your personal biography always in third person. Indicate the starting year of your professional career. You can also provide any related specializations in your field.
  • Your educational facts and credentials should be included. The degrees that you have pursued, indicate them and their respective institutions. Include any relevant experiences that are required for your career. Specify the name of the society that you are legally a member of.
  • Any notable achievements or awards you have earned in your practice, outline them. Keep in mind that the information should be relevant to the audience. You could mention the magazines or any publishing house in case you happen to be an author.
  • In the conclusion, write any upcoming projects or works in progress that people should lookout for in the near future. You should also mention your current place of residence.

Moreover, you must keep on updating your biographies in order to indicate who you are at present time. You may also like personal reference letter templates.


In conclusion, a biography template is a helpful tool that assists the biographer to come up with an excellent biography. The biographies should be brief. It should be written to the point and in an organized way so that reader easily find out the details they might be interested in.