31+ Free Printable Election Ballot Templates [Word+PDF]

An election ballot template is a document used during the election to list the candidates running for various posts in one single ballot paper. This document is useful for elections in schools, colleges, and selecting an employee of the month on the basis of worker’s choice.

Designing your ballot template:

You should consider the following guidelines if you want to design an official ballot template;

Use lowercase letters

The lowercase letters are more legible as they are much easier to recognize.

Don’t center the information

Left-aligned types are more legible in comparison to centered types. This is because the latter forces the voter’s eye to find out the beginning of the next line.

Make use of a font that is big enough

For a lot of voters, small types are much harder to read. The number of pages increased by using larger text but, in term of election accuracy, this is a worthwhile change.

Go with a sans-serif font

A sans-serif font has clearer strokes. The material that have two languages, for the main language, use bold text while use regular text for the secondary language. But, don’t use too many fonts as the voters stop reading because they need to adjust.

Structure the template perfectly

The instructions should be placed in a location where the voters can see them clearly. To indicate the voter’s progress, add page numbers. Enable the voters to change the language or display options with the instructions for digital ballots.

Use clear and simple language

You should make options and instructions as simple as possible and try to avoid using over two languages. If it’s possible then by using simple language, summarize the referendum along with the required format.

For the instructions, use accurate illustrations

Visual illustrations help all voters, particularly those with low-literacy. Don’t use photographs and makes sure illustrations should be very accurate.

Only use informational icons

You should use icons that call attention to support navigation and other important information carefully. In addition to this, don’t use emblems of any political party.

To support meaning, use color and contrast

There are other ways to communicate significant information aside from using colors. Apply this consistently while using shading and color. Use these separate instructions from contests on paper ballots. Furthermore, use digital ballots to support navigation, give user feedback, or call special attention.

Highlight the most essential details

You should use text size and layout to assist the voters know what to focus on. The ballot title should be made most prominent. Also, the contest header should be more prominent than the names of the candidates. There is a bolder formatting on the name of a candidate than their party affiliation. The names of the candidates and options will be presented with equal importance.

Ballot templates for the blind:

An election ballot is very simple but it is not for everyone. The visually impaired people need a different type of template for them to vote. These days, over actual paper ballots, ballot templates are of thick and durable paper placed. This enables the voters to select the candidates to vote via tactile round cutouts in the template that indicate the candidates and their parties. This template allows all voters to participate as you can use it for the candidates in your region. In addition, the Audio Description Association gives information about all the candidates in several regions in order to identify which cut-out represents each individual candidate. It also makes videos that give information before the date of the election. The blind and deaf can access these videos with audio descriptions, sign language, or subtitles.


In conclusion, an election ballot template is a document used in a place where elections are to be held for filling the positions. This document generally comes into the picture during the election. It is an essential source of interaction among the citizens and the government.