Free Printable Marketing Calendar Example [Excel, Word]

Advertising your products is just as important and in making it, you have to make sure your product reaches the appropriate audience. To assist you in your marketing strategy we offer are offering you here a marketing calendar Example.

Marketing Calendar Examples

The difference between small and big businesses is that small businesses have a lot on their plate, and not a lot of time to complete every task on their agenda, because of the lack of manpower and resources. Unlike big companies, marketing for them would not be a primary priority; they would rather make and sell their products.

For big companies, however, there is usually a completely separate department for marketing, which does not really interfere with their main course of work. At the same time, no one is ever going to tell you that marketing is not important. After all, how will you sell your products when no one knows about them in the first place?

That is exactly why marketing calendars are important; they allow you to have a systematic plan of how you are going to approach your marketing scheme. The very important thing here to note is, that despite big companies not having a lot of problems with their marketing (for reasons stated above), even they have marketing plans and calendar.

Because the more ordered you are, the more efficiently you can improve and grow your company. The good news is, we have a template that can help you with your planning, and before I give you some details on the type of planner we have for you here. I am going to talk about marketing, and marketing calendar 2020 a bit more. You may also like the Event Planning Calendar Template.

What are Marketing Calendars?

Marketing Calendar is exactly what the name implies; it is a systematic arrangement of activities related to your marketing aspects that cover all year. And just like any other tool and technique, a marketing calendar requires the same amount of persistence and time. It also requires financial investment but that is a given obviously. You may also check the Wedding Budget Template.

You have to make sure that your marketing calendar is up to the requirements of your company. To make a perfect marketing calendar, and a perfect marketing strategy, you have to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Your financial budget
  2. The amount of time you will promote your company
  3. The type of customers you will most likely target
  4. Resources

All of these things have to be taken into account before you deduce a marketing strategy. I have just given you the basic outline; there are so many other factors you have to keep in mind. All of those factors will be available in the marketing calendar example we are offering you here.

What this Marketing Calendar Template offers

This marketing calendar template is all you need to make your marketing strategy effortless and more impressionable. It has everything you would need, including:

  1. Your target audience
  2. Different types of marketing techniques including local marketing, national marketing, public relations, and social media.
  3. It will also help you keep track of your budget and resources.