29+ Free Training Manual Templates [MS Word]

You have to provide new employees a training manual template in order to help them know the training plan in detail. This document acts as a reference for them to get their goals or perform tasks properly. Employer must create training manual for the organization to make sure that everything flows smoothly.

When do you require a training manual?

For the various positions in your company, creating quality training manual is an important part of an organization’s employee management plan. These quality manuals make sure continuity of operations for major positions in an organization. The main purpose of this document is to give a consistent method of communicating instructions to employees. This informs them how to perform the functions of their jobs.

Moreover, the use of this manual provides benefit to supervisors in charge of educating employees as well as employees. Training manuals give the structure and content important in the training of new hires. It also helps in monitoring the performance of incumbent employees.

How to create training manual?

A well-formatted training manual should include the following elements;


The introduction part of training manual should be concise, clear, and attractive. It must give the primary purpose of the training program.


This is an essential section as it gives instructions on how to navigate via many sections of your training program.


You have to introduce your employees to the objectives after the introduction and the instructions. Objectives should be clearly presented and defined from the beginning. This allows your employees ready to navigate the rest of the contents.

Main content:

Main content is the substance and heart of the manual. On the basis of program, the contents of each manual may vary. To maximize the delivery of content, you can also use other types of media. This is very useful for your employees’ learning processes.

Surveys or Assessments:

This isn’t an important part of your manual’s content. But it is considered an important element in order to identify the effectiveness of your training program or manual. Furthermore, it also explains what your employees have to learn effectively.

Summary and follow-up steps:

This section summarizes the main points of manual in an effective way. To increase the ability of your employees and to reinforce what they’ve learned, you should include the follow-up steps in it.

Schedule or timeline:

In many cases, for some training programs, employees have choice to learn at their own pace.

Frequently asked questions:

This part in your manual allows your employees to look for a solution to their queries.

Supplemental material or related sources:

You can involve anything relevant to your training program that can assist your employees further.

How to write training manual?

  • At first, define a clear objective to implement your plan. When you have completed the training, your employees should be able to perform and accomplish the tasks on the manual.
  • You can ask for help you will need in your manual. On the basis of information, your employees will count on you as the whole work they will have to do.
  • Next, it is important to collect all the relevant knowledge, information, checklists, processes, and more. You should be very thorough with each point.
  • During crafting the manual, not consider your intended audience. Keep in mind that your content will completely depend on the audience who will use it.
  • You should organize the information after formulating the idea of what information to include in your manual.
  • It is important to include table of contents in your manual if you are creating a lengthy manual.
  • In the end, you should summarize each of the sections.


In conclusion, a training manual template should be interesting and informative to read. For making a manual, you first have a plan in place. You can also make your own training manual or download a template online.