SWOT Matrix Template Free Download 2020

SWOT Matrix Template

Imagine you are starting a business, you don’t know where to initiate or what your goals are but you are looking forward to it, you just need a kick start. To get that kick start we have presented you with a particular planning template that you would need to get this show on the road; a SWOT analysis template!

Planning templates are great, they are simple, easy to understand, and easy to use. They make your life, business, and/or work so much more organized. And all these templates available here are completely free, who doesn’t enjoy free stuff?

Before we get into the SWOT Matrix Template, let us know a bit more about SWOT analysis, about what it is, what it stands for, and what it’s used for.

What is SWOT Analysis?

The SWOT analysis is an extremely smart, yet important technique used in either personal or work related decision making and understanding. It is a powerful tool that helps you devise a strategy for either your own self or your life, a new business you are starting, or as a guide for a company you work in.

To put it in a few words, SWOT analysis is the perfect tool for you to “Identify your Strengths and Weaknesses, and to prepare for the Threats and Opportunities that come your way”, both in professional and personal environments.

What SWOT Stands For

As stated above, SWOT analysis stands for

S- Strengths




Even though this technique is suitable for any circumstance, it is mostly officially used in business scenarios. I will go through each of these one by one

swot analysis word template


Strengths and Weaknesses- these two are the internal factors that you or your company depends on. These are the factors that you can personally control. For example, the people that work for you, your equipment, your property etc.

On the other hand, Opportunities and Threats- they are the external conditions you get, these factors are completely out of your control. They are going outside of you company and the least you can do is adapt to them. Adaptation could be in the form of you taking advantage of the external factors and working in accordance to type of opportunities or threats you get, but you cannot change them whatsoever.

What this Basic SWOT Analysis Matrix Template Offers

SWOT analysis templates are very essential in a business environment hence are very much in demand. A simple SWOT analysis template would consist of four squares with the labels “Strengths”, “Weaknesses”, “Opportunities”, and “Threats”.

Basic SWOT Matrix Template

This particular template provides you with exactly that, in addition to a few very useful design qualities.

This Basic SWOT analysis matrix template is very simple and minimalistic, there are no complex spaces and features that make it hard to use. It is a four-quadrant table that is labeled with the SWOT components. Each quadrant has about 20 rows you can use to list down the particular SWOT component. Since the Basic SWOT Matrix Template is so simple, it can easily be customized according to the users’ needs and tastes.

Download Basic SWOT Matrix Template

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