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Swot Analysis Example

“SWOT Analysis Example” SWOT Analysis (also known as SWOT Matrix) is a technique used in strategic planning. It is used to analyze a certain person, or organization’s performance, strategy, planning, and potential. In other words it is a self-evaluation tool. It helps you develop a foolproof start up technique for either a new business or a new project.

SWOT Analysis Arrow Template
Download SWOT Analysis Arrows Excel Template

And to make this easier, we have provided you with multiple strategy templates. But this one is, without any doubt, more eye catching.  And the best part is, it is completely free! So keep on reading to know more details, and information about this handy template.

What are SWOT Analysis?

As stated above, a SWOT analysis, in simple words, is a self-evaluation plan. This self-evaluation plan consists of four components. The reason SWOT analysis is called SWOT Matrix is because its traditional pattern is a four box diagram that includes all four of its components. The four components being the following:

Strengths- Which specifies an organization’s skills and talents that depend on its quality of employment. These are the “Trump cards” of an organization and they give that certain organization advantage over its competitors.

Weaknesses- The potential deficiency in an organization is its weakness, an organization can have more than one weakness. These weaknesses are, in most cases, unfavorable, and cause that certain organization a set of disadvantages.

Opportunities- These specify the chances an organization gets from its environment that it can exploit to its own advantage. These include the current viral trends, or any new product according to the mass demand.

Threats- These are the more unfavorable for an organization. Threats are the obstacles an organization faces, in other words, threats are the external factors that weaken the internal structure of an organization. It is up to the organization to deal with them in the most efficient way possible, if it fails to do that, it may cause complications.

These four components of SWOT Analysis are divided into 2 categories.

Swot Analysis example
Download SWOT Analysis Arrows Word Template

Internal Factors- The internal factors include “Strengths” and “Weaknesses”. These are the two components that a company has complete control over. They depend on an organization’s objectives and the way an organization works internally. It can be held responsible for the internal factors.

External Factors-The external factors include “Opportunities” and “Threats”. These are the two components of SWOT analysis that a company has no control over, they depend completely on their external environment. The only way a company can deal with them is to plan strategically. And this template we have linked here makes that strategic planning easier for you.

What this SWOT Analysis Example Offers

The bright, colorful, eye-catching layout of this template is not your conventional SWOT Analysis example. It can be used for an official presentation or a school presentation. This layout is bold as is not in the traditional square matrix shape. It helps you focus on one component at a time, and gives you more areas for customization. The colors can be adjusted to your taste.

The best part is, it is absolutely free! and available in Excel and word Format.

Download SWOT Analysis Arrows Excel Template
Download SWOT Analysis Arrows Word Template
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