35+ Free Smart Goals Worksheet [Word+PDF]

SMART goals worksheet is a good road map that assists you in reaching your desired destination. This worksheet helps you to stay on track when trying to reach an objective. You can use it for both personal and professional goals.

What SMART stands for?

SMART is an acronym of Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. It is essential to understand what each of the points is and how to use them in order for SMART goal setting to be effective;

S – Specific

You have to be as specific as possible when setting a goal. Being specific means you have a clear vision of exactly what you want to achieve. By having a clear picture of your goal, it will assist you in setting realistic checkpoints to keep yourself on track.

M – Measurable

Your goals should be measurable. Otherwise, you might not know how close you are to attaining it. Set checkpoints in order to know when you reach your goal. Checkpoints assist you in reaching your main goal. For instance, by setting a series of mini goals, a goal of making more money could be made measurable. When you keep a goal measurable, it will help you stay on track. Moreover, this also helps you in staying motivated as you witness your own progress.

A – Attainable

Since unrealistic goals aren’t attainable, they will only discourage you. During setting a goal, you have to ensure it’s something that you can realistically achieve. This means providing yourself enough time and ensuring you have the resources to achieve your goal.

R – Relevant

You will most likely struggle to see your goal to completion if it isn’t relevant to you. Your goal should be meaning to your life either it’s a personal goal or a business goal. By setting a relevant and meaningful goal provides you the motivation that you require to keep your attention on the main objective.

T – Timely

You should make deadlines so that you will keep focused. You have to make sure to take into account how much each task will take while creating a timeline for your goal. To follow, give yourself time but not too much.

Reasons for using SMART goals:

This method is a great way to make, track, and manage your goals. When learning a new skill, they can be used for health goals, professional goals, and managing goals. You should use a SMART goal worksheet that allows you to write down each aspect of your goal. It also informs you how it will fit with the SMART goal setting approach. It can be used in a variety of goal setting situations.


In conclusion, a SMART goal worksheet is a tool used to track and manage goals. You can use this worksheet for both personal and professional goals. It is the best way for setting clear and reachable goals.