29+ Free Recipe Book Templates [Excel+Word]

A recipe book template is a handy tool used by the people who want to put together a large collection of recipes. Some people make their recipe book from scratch or some may download templates for their convenience. However, a ready-made recipe book can resolve many issues.

What to include in a recipe book?

In terms of content, your recipe book must have consistency. Your recipe book should include the following;

  • A list of ingredients
  • A list of supplies
  • Details about the preparation and cooking times
  • Each recipe description
  • Step-by-step guidelines for cooking
  • Special tips

How to make a homemade recipe book?

You have to organize your recipe book in such a way that it contains all necessary details that the readers need. Let us discuss step-by-step how to make your own homemade recipe book;

Title of the recipe:

The title of the recipe always comes at the top of the document. Your title must be descriptive and tantalizing. Keep in mind that your main goal is to appeal to the reader that encourages them for making the dish.

A picture of the dish:

Adding a picture of the final dish will definitely sound exquisite and delicious. You can select the size of image if you want to use the book for yourself. But if your intention is to publish the book then you must follow certain limitations and guidelines. For example, the image size and quality should qualify for printing and publication.

The list of ingredients:

A list of ingredients is the most important part of your document. The experts know that the list of ingredients must be in precise quantities. Basically, list of ingredients depends on the first ones to use. The measurements of all ingredients must be accurate and consistent. Furthermore, the templates have limited space so you have to save space by applying some writing techniques. For example, the ingredients use in different parts of recipe, you can combine them.

A list of supplies:

There is a separate section in the template to add the list of supplies. The equipment or utensils you require for making a specific recipe mention them here. You should also mention if there is any alternative for the supplies the recipe needs in this section.

If your recipe needs some special equipment then you can indicate that where to purchase such equipment. During listing your supplies, you can also specify a size for the supplies and add these details in this section too.

Preparation time:

Preparation time is the amount of time required to cook a recipe from beginning to end. Before start cooking, mention the total time to prepare the ingredients. In this way, your reader knows that how long your recipe will take to prepare. This also helps the readers to plan their meal.

Nutritional information:

You should include the information about recipes that will yield more than one serving. This informs the readers that whether they want too little or too much of the dish to serve themselves or their guests. This information may be a useful and exceptional addition to your recipes. But it’s beneficial to pay attention to nutritional value.

Cooking instructions:

This is the part where you have to put all of the ingredients together in the right proportions and the right order. In addition, you can include information such as what you have to do before mixing the dry or liquid ingredients in your recipe.


In conclusion, a recipe book template is a valuable tool for keeping a large collection of recipes at one place. You should include all the necessary details in your template. Follow the above steps to make your own recipe book template. You can also download these templates from any website and customize them according to your requirement.