31+ Free Project Plan Templates [Excel+Word+PDF]

It is not possible to execute a project successfully without a well-developed project plan template. A project plan is a written planning of the project or the well-defined version of your project planning.

Understanding project planning:

You can easily determine what project planning encompasses by looking at a project plan template. The project planning reveals ways of completing a project within a specified period of time. Also, it indicates designated resources and defined stages. Project planning basically encompasses the following;

  • Setting objectives
  • Identifying deliverables
  • Schedule planning
  • Making supportive plans

What is a project plan?

A project plan is formal document used to manage and control a project. All management efforts relevant with the project depend on the project plan. The project plan isn’t an expansive textual document instead of it contains the to-the- point information relevant to the project. The project plan information evolves as the project moves through different stages. Additionally, the project plan has to be updated. You may also like project brief templates.

What to include in a project plan?

Every successful project plan includes the following;

Project vision/ executive summary

This section contains a precise description of the project and explains the project aims and objectives.

Target audience

This part explains the target audience and the coveted learning outcomes.

Project content and context

This section specifies that whether the project establishes on last experience or is a new project. In addition to this, it explains whether an existing platform will be used.

Key responsibilities and roles

This part provides information of the persons that are involved in the project design and delivery. Moreover, it indicates the tasks allocated to them. Also, it states that who is responsible for decision-making and the project. This section is highly important part of the project plan for any project.

Key tasks and deliverables

Key tasks and deliverables need to be defined in order to achieve the projects objectives. Here, you have to demonstrate the key tasks and deliverables of the project.


This contains the resources needed to get the aims of the projects.

Key milestones and project timeline

Sensible ordering of all tasks are included in this section. It is essential to clearly determine the start and end dates of the tasks. Different planning tools are available for this purpose.

Costing and budgeting

Here, you have to add all the costs related to the project’s key tasks and deliverables like the following;

  • Materials and consumables
  • Equipment
  • Access or venue charges
  • Events
  • Travel and subs
  • Communication with stakeholders
  • Consultancy fees
  • Salaries

Contingency plans

This indicates how any problems and modifications related to the project’s scope will be managed. This basically indicates that how you’ll evaluate and mitigate the project risks.

Communication strategy

In this section, specify how you will manage communications with all stakeholders. This contains the communication frequency and procedures. It should also contain the marketing and promotion plans. Also, it includes the plans for circulating and sharing of information.

Evaluation and monitoring strategy

This part shows the impact and consequences of the project and how you’ll measure success.

Record keeping

For managing all the documents of the project and record keeping, this section reveals the person responsible. This is something that requires to be agreed at the start of the project. Generally, it is the responsibility of the project manager to keep record and manage all documents. You may also see the project schedule template.


In conclusion, a project plan template is an effective tool used to manage and control a project. The project plan demonstrates each major task and gives a management review and control framework. Estimation of required time and resources are also mentioned in it.